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  1. Boolets Blue says

    Very clear, eng sub , font size. Thank u

  2. Nasra qurux says

    Name of the movie plz

  3. Patche Patchecko says

    what is the title of the song?

  4. PEMA GyaMJo says

    I love this movie Hope u like it too 🙂

  5. Gideon Dadole says

    I stop at 1:43:00. The martial arts is bullshit beyond that. Muay thai versus Kung fu?..2 vs 1? That part ruined this movie.

  6. Govind.kumar Govind.kumar says

  7. Gabe Pencea says

    I watched 3 years ago but this one is very good with translation. I recommend to everyone.(Time to Consequences )

  8. Bridget Musonda says

    Nice movie

  9. Elpidio Bayo says

    Nice movie

  10. Don Williams says

    Very interesting movie..enjoy

  11. Kooky Ziu says

    • ☆☆☆☆☆• A GOOD MOVIE

  12. Edison Yee says

    Based on the comment… all are good… Thanks… will download this now to watch later after doing house chores under lockdown

  13. Megumi Hayashida says

    Was the wolf a reference to Red Riding Hood? BTW, the fight scenes are brilliant, dude with the knives was lowkey my fav

  14. Sampath manohara Kariyawasam Ampa Gamagamage says

    Best best best best movie thank you

  15. mustafa suljic says

    Material arts movie or gunns movie hahahahah…lol..

  16. VIVEK says

    Good movie

  17. Mukti Wibowo says

    * FULL MOVIE (NEW 2020) *
    *HD quality.
    *All languages.

    Быйылкы трандинг тасмасын өткөрүп жибербеңиз!
    кайда гана болбосун, сиз андан ырахат алсаңыз болот.

  18. Surinder singh jamwal says

    not in engish

  19. djs12007 says

    Funny how the movie isn Chinese, but the hospital computers are showing in english. 🙂

  20. Electric Sparks says

    NOT a good idea to have very loud and very bad singing in the movie. Stupid really. Who sings very bad opera while people are being killed? Not worth watching. Go watch a weepy, tear jerker movie.l No loud, bad singing there with terrible music either.

  21. jean russell says

    Paradox (2017)

  22. martin jajo says

    He has ferrari..girl's run after ferrari so I won't mind trafficking some heart and liver and kidney whatsoever

  23. SHWEYA MIN says

    This picture is very good thank you somuch

  24. Hassan inam Uddin says

    Good movie of ong back Thailandi

  25. Cassandra & Cristina Vlogs says

    i Love It

  26. cachola mariz says

    the descriotion wasnt describe it wasnt in english btw i love this movie.

  27. jackie villarin berceles says


  28. Marcus Timothy says


  29. Gay Licarte says

    worth watching?

  30. armando bucoy says

    Best movie keep up the good exellent. and magnifient figth…

  31. Zainab Khamisi says

    ?❤ fathers are the best


    Streaming Full Movie (2020)

    In HD Quality
    Full Movle Available On :


    All Subtitles
    quality HD

    Leurs états de santé
    respectifs les empechent
    de s'approcher trop
    pres l'un de l'autre.??

  33. John Bernard Acasio says

    What a nice figth..magnificnt…

  34. peter jr dango says

    the villain is a star in the IP MAN …. he's damn good…with two heroes to beat

  35. denden's corner says

    Ano po name nang bida dto

  36. Brenda Kambone says


  37. alvin ortiz says

    worth watching.. nice movie

  38. ZotacTV says

    Super good movie..

  39. William Sailo says

    What's the name of the movie? Like it..

  40. Maricar Mae Coronel says

    Magayun man

  41. jimmy hang says

    A dog eater at the end will always die like a fucking dog. A dog have someone fucking his fucking wife at the end is end up no pussy to to fuck and always die like a fucking dog. Movie or not it's always die like a fucking dog at the end. And a little dog always die like a big dog also after the big dog fuck his little wife and then the big dog always fuck the little dog at the end and where the big dog at he's at home fucking your wife little dog.

  42. ariful ialam says

    I like Tony jaa movie

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