New PS4 Games This Week


New PlayStation 4 games this week include Cuphead, Destroy All Humans, Maid of Sker, Pistol Whip VR, Hellpoint and lots more.

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  1. Nero Metal says

    Hmmm what is this "Cup head?" Oh yes I remember having heard of this relic back in my younger days…

  2. Mangoey Stickyrice says

    Yay cuphead on ps4 (just because i didn't own xbox)

  3. Misfit 636 says

    It’s chewsday init

  4. WarriorOfTheHeavens says

    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 1 on the Ps4 came out this week to! Yet it's not on the video? Don't tell me you guys missed a PS2 classic game growing up!?

  5. nick says

    Cuphead no physical? No buy..

  6. Scott Johnson says

    This is weak asf dude. ?

  7. Chris Cunningham says

    Cuphead just looks like a nightmare

  8. SkidzOrAz says

    I want rayman games to start happening

  9. Flamey Tartz says

    Pistol whip is some eye candy

  10. Kasio 22B says

    Guess it's still too soon get the Cuphead PS4 in disc form. Couldn't find it anywhere…

  11. chuckandimeforeve says

    genuinely surprised Cuphead is on Ps4. Xbox doesn't really care about exclusives beyond Halo and Gears, do they? Does this mean will see Ori someday too?

  12. Clowny Moose Bean says

    Cuphead AND Destroy all Humans??Good bye world, I'll be in Valhalla for a while.

  13. FaizsHorizon says

    Great, now we and our dual shock 4s are gonna suffer.

  14. Manu Barboza says

    Cuphead's reveal on PS4 got people more hype than the Xbox event…

  15. nagabulu says

    No fairy tail it literally comes out tomorrow

  16. MrBipson says

    why on earth it's taken Cuphead so long to come to the PS4, lord knows.

  17. Lil-A_ 1410 says

    Already have the platinum for cuphead.

  18. ihate names says

    Meanwhile on PC i just rebought farcry 4 hoping to replay it…….and its broken, all the far crys on pc are. And yet pc gamers keep telling me their platform is somehow superior…….never had this kind of trouble with a console and every game i buy is compatible with it. Consoles for life.

  19. Epsilon Eagle says

    "Cuphead is our game of the generation." Playstation Access

  20. wa hae koela says

    Where is skater XL

  21. liam thomas says

    You know what would be awesome if you put ghost if Tsushima on xbox

  22. the bat bmf003 says

    None of the games are free yet

  23. SteamedBreakfast says

    fall guys looks fun

  24. Lucas seattle says

    The narrator sounds like the guy from peep show

  25. Mr Meeseeks says

    Do Xbox even have exclusives anymore

  26. Viper Gaming says

    I am currently working on the platinum for cod mw 2

  27. Xx• Kobe •xX says

    Yall skipped skater xl

  28. Andy G says

    I read somewhere that PlayStation will giving out £10 for celebrating 10 years of psn… is this true??

  29. Inspire Wire says

    Ouch my wallet!Ghost of TsushimaDestroy All HumansCupheadWatchdogs Legion.

  30. Crampsam says

    Kind of lame of them to put Modern Warfare 2 remastered up for free so quickly. I paid 25 quid for that like 4 months ago

  31. KemCorp Virtual Enterprises says

    But, but… I already have it on switch ‘cause I thought it was a Nintendo exclusive!

  32. Andrew Lodge says

    I wonder if we are going to get Sea of Thieves? ??????Seriously though, give

  33. sirprintalot says

    woah woah woah Destroy All Humans is 15 years old?! I feel so old…

  34. Faisal Abdulwahed says

    I can't find Pistol awhip VR on the UK PS store, is this just me?

  35. andrew lloyd says

    Mw2 remastered is still £19.99 on ps+!!!!!!!!

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