1. DarkSoul 82 says

    Worse situation. When you're driving down that stretch of highway where there aren't any bathrooms for miles, and you can't even sneak, and you have to take one of those shits where your teeth hurt you gotta go so bad. You know the one, the one that is rite there, it's coming, and you can't do anything about it.

  2. Jay Hearn says

    Sounds like the cop in stranger things that looks after eleven

  3. celtic knight says

    I thought his voice was actual ingame voice

  4. Charles Hu says

    after watching the intro I can almost guarantee that there's gonna be a yeti in this one

  5. Ian De Castro says

    Batman Plays Kholat hahah, Movie trailer Voice plays Kholat… Sexy Manly Voice plays Kholat

  6. Bruce Smith says

    Wow a walking simulator calling itself suvival horror.

  7. Vlad Stark says

    Steam Sale 2019 anyone?

  8. Woods Lore says

    In soviet russia . . . tree punches you!

  9. Bojan Todorovic says

    NOw is free you gona get alot vievs XD

  10. Rick Murray says

    A game about,,,,walking.

  11. 4shacks1house says

    Could you just shut the fuck up? Your fucking incessant yapping is just not needed. Ruined a fine walkthrough.

  12. Mohamad Haszrix says

    Holy fucj almost give me a heart attack

  13. TheKrob808 says

    Ok so there are two colors yellow and orange with one of them being bad

  14. Damag3d Goodz says

    what a shit game

  15. Aaron Smith says

    Are u cryaotics brother

  16. Aaron Smith says


  17. Alex farlow says

    I enjoy your videos and I like history also you would be great on radio with your voice

  18. GAIJIN955i CE says

    ???Hilarious commentary.

  19. Dylan Gantrich says

    Your voice sounds a lot like markiplier's who also plays a lot of horror games. Fits right into it if you ask me, deep voice in a dark game.

  20. Zsolt Barna says

    love the way of your comentary ..normally i just mute but it is kind of the first time i enjoy the coment too , thx !

  21. Thomas Emulator Gaming says

    omg that voice like Duke Nukem XDDD you are the best 🙂

  22. Karloo says

    lol your voice :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD It's like a freaking game.

  23. Vladimir Petkovic says

    I just started playing the game, its so creepy and awesome!

  24. Icarus18 says

    1:39:14 insanity for playing to much this game ….

  25. Icarus18 says

    that wolf sound is killing me … 25:30

  26. Kashmeere Dhanilal says

    Massive you are much better than pewdiepie

  27. Misterbrit says

    Just in case you were wondering, the students and how they died were actually real. Although I think I heard that the last 2 bodies were covered in radioactive waste

  28. Theresa Ramos says

    Rewatching this and I almost fell for your voice! Thought it was the game haha

  29. Kit Davidson says

    "The long tree" I member

  30. It's a Me says

    Damn, I was really interested in this video but the constant audio skipping was too much!

  31. William Butt says

    was enjoying this until i realized okayyy he's not gonna stop talking is he. While I get that people like your voice, for a horror game it ruins the atmosphere. Keep it simple.

  32. Coatilr6 says

    anyone watching this 2016+ imagine this in vr

  33. Lordcuff says

    I still am stuck at the part where you can't see shit. I want my dollar back

  34. rayybrodie0 7 says

    I hate how ppl play games they look ever were damn for nothing

  35. Kent Cooper says

    id adore a chance to even play a little w you my man, cutos

  36. Δημήτριος Μαγγασάρωβ says

    lol dude it's just a game…why are you acting like it's real?

  37. fady siawi says

    i loved it, but as i live alone i don't think it's a good idea to play it, even though it's on sale at P.S. store for $6

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