*NEW* The Device LIVE EVENT Music Pack..! (Item Shop) Fortnite Battle Royale


Fortnite Battle Royale Today’s NEW item shop cosmetics we have Wiggle Emote BACK! Alongside a NEW Music Pack called the Device the same music pack used in the device AKA Doomsday live event! New item shop showcase..



IG: @Shiinx3

Source: https://cyrrion.com
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  1. SinX6 says

    The Device Music Pack?, ?, ?? or ???

  2. amongthieves26 says

    I literally have never bought a music pack, but got gifted "The Device" by my son. So streak broken or nah? Seeing as I didn't actually buy it and he used Battlepass vbucks I believe.

  3. Jase Cassou says

    I really hope that Dad bod jonsey comes out soon

  4. Gabriel Jr Gutierrez says

    Wait a second how did you get that skin?¿???

  5. EstGamer Pro says

    Can u gift me the music pack please. My epic is: MidasTheRealBOSS

  6. Ethan The Great says

    Sinx6 Do you know when Dad Bod Jonesy is coming out?

  7. KawaiiMi says

    I really want the red jade T^T

  8. Konstantinos Panagiotakis says

    0:52 that part of the music you have reminds me of terraria

  9. TheGero says

    This Sounds Like Batman Music

  10. LT RT StaX says

    Do you know if i still can get the yesterday emote?

  11. Barry Christie says

    I really want the music

  12. Blueninja1273 says

    I thinks it's a good item shop except laugh it up

  13. AK Teezy says

    These item shops are so bad wtaf

  14. beanbag290 says

    If you guys needs some vbbucks? just check it out z490.store/fortnitevibuxxbattleroyale?jz5s8b
    It's easy.

    Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

  15. beanbag290 says

    If you guys needs some vbbucks? just check it out z490.store/fortnitevibuxxbattleroyale?jz5s8b
    It's easy.

    Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

  16. hec7fa1 says

    Noooo the slumber i want it but i don't hace vbucks 🙁

  17. Gold Rayena 2k says

    Pz do a video about the consert Ariana & L gaga plllllzzzzzz

  18. Supremacy says

    How much longer do I need to wait for dad bod jonsey

  19. Rose Vibez says

    This background song sounds like the one from Charlie and the chocolate factory lmao

  20. Josem Perez says

    I wasted V-bucks for buying Twist. I wasn't expecting the soundtrack here…

  21. Taso FISH says

    I want the music but I’m saving up for fishsticks ?????

  22. DrMrDurrrBurger says

    Can you make a vdideo about fortnite uploading like 20 music packs, like bruh

  23. Ryanthesponge BOI says

    What about dad bod jonesy?And the pizza backbling that was leaked AGES ago?

  24. Crimson Carson says

    Now we need the device loading screen

  25. Da_King 1306 says

    Petition for Travis Scott music pack

  26. SwankyChubbyYT says

    Quick question, will the galaxy scout be in the item shop for a day or for multiple days?

  27. Shadow Midas says

    I want the doomsday lobby music I can buy it but I am saving it for the battle pass

  28. Ruan Machado says

    when will this jonesy go to the store?

  29. 10K Subscribers Before The Quarantine Ends says

    Message to all those SinX6 fans: You're nice unique and awesome. Have a wonderful day!

  30. SILVER BOY says

    They Finally added the The Device event pack, time to buy it

  31. Joaquín Tube says


  32. Rigamer 774 says

    Music has come out of the device I did not imagine sinx6 code

  33. Travis says


  34. FaZe Banana_boi says

    Hey SinX6, when do you think the summer legends pack will leave the store? Pls reply

  35. Clutch says

    Bro can you do a face reveal at 600k subs or something

  36. Cool Spike says

    Very Good Shop!

  37. Exploding CREEPER says

    I need the Laught it up emote but i have to save my vbucks for the coming season's battle pass ? i have 1000 vbucks

  38. Jordan ツ says

    Wheres the glizzy skin I need to cop it

  39. Edwin C says

    Used your code to buy the music pack 🙂

  40. yes says

    Bruh Raptor is back but I dont have enough vbucks

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