1. FilmSpot Trailer says

    00:00 James Bond 007 No Time To Die
    02:36 Dune
    05:37 Freaky
    08:23 Spontaneous
    10:18 2067
    12:12 The Doorman
    14:15 Hubie Halloween

  2. sinkingdragon says

    12:12 The Doorman a remake of 1988 Die Hard…smfh

  3. Hans De Smet says

    the doorman… looks like a symbiosis of the chef (Segall) and die hard (Willis)….NOPE

  4. United Defensive Tactics says


  5. R Ando says

    Even James Bond has gone Super Pc.This world is broken

  6. AreYouOnTopProd says

    Why do many negative comments. I've not seen a single original movie here. All brand new stuff amazing!

  7. Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy says

    Can we add bulk panthers on avenger posters with wings and halo-he s mutated-😎-huh-billion fan-give shouts-his new character-draw him in new show as cartoon-with permission of his dear wife-a billion dollar money bag fans win pitch in-it will say from us-wankanda for ever- we will remember u🙏💐🐻

  8. Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy says

    What’s up with marvel-

  9. Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy says


  10. Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy says

    Chucked halloween

  11. Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy says


  12. Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy says

    Movie junkies🤩😎

  13. Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy says

    -😎🤩👍🙏🙏super bad guy, make ur skin crawl beyond creepy sick crawl scene-cool-trailer ,wow-😎👏💐❤️

  14. Joe Ruck says

    Dune looks insane I dont know what the hell is wrong with some of you. cant wait!!

  15. ODiN [s] says

    Some subtitles for Adam Sandler role please in Hubie Halloween 🙂

  16. ODiN [s] says

    Awaiting for haters of the original version of Dunes typing on here about the incoming not in theaters yet remastered movie, which still didn't understand about what's Dunes and its history. Hope they shows up a remastered scene when Paul Atreides shows on his real power of the Word:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAS4pJmuHAM&ab_channel=christophergigg

  17. BurpietheClown says

    Everyone in the Sandler-Movie is funny – except Sandler …

  18. ShadowspawnOO7 says

    ugh another unfunny movie with Adam Sandler doing his special needs bit. 5 bucks its a flop!

  19. hadimale infertility says

    nice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8rgEeRD66Y&t=362s

  20. Alan Jr Walker says

    So many different type of star wars prince of Persia and avatar are being released

  21. Alan Jr Walker says

    U r black m guy we are so dead atleast lol

  22. Alan Jr Walker says

    In dune why couldn't they get the death maze guy to star

  23. vincent hammons says

    I can not take a 90 lb woman seriously in ruby rose

  24. 김성호 says

    그냥 믿고보기

  25. Akram Afridi0 says

    007 is best!!



  27. rjch0228 says

    Billie Eilish sang the OST of this movie.

  28. Kira Senpai Yandere says

    If in Alternate Universe Jame pond become an super villain than it is impossible to be defeat him under all circumstances 💪💪💪

  29. Barry stanley says

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  30. Panta Rei 83 says

    The woman who ruined Batman with batwoman now gets a movie?? When are Hollywood gonna stop bleeding money for feminists?

  31. Harry Ho says

    Adam Sandler’s trailer just ruined my dinner.I lost way too many brain cells watching that……

  32. Bill Kinkead says

    Aww Snap.. now I know why Jason Momoa has a beard.. MY EYES!! MY EYES!!!

  33. Queen of Battle says

    Why do these trailer videos always start with two or three awesome movies everyone's anticipating and then show nothing but schlock for the rest of the video?

  34. MiVi GrandLim says

    I used to play dune before Who remembers the game?

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