1. vacatio says

    1:31:28 cheers!

  2. vacatio says

    SynopsisIn the third of the 14 novel's featuring Paul Temple, our hero detective agrees to write a play for actress Iris Archer. However, shortly before the play is due to open, she pulls out. Then after telling everyone she is off to France, she turns up at the Temple's Scottish holiday hotel. The mystery deepens as Temple is asked by a young man to act as postmaster in delivering a letter. Meanwhile someone acting under the codename of Z4 seems to have control of events. Could this be Doctor Steiner and just who is he? It is all up to Temple again…

  3. Rob Ot says

    Sorry, don't like the voice.

  4. lyn burrell says

    Thanks for uploading this series, this one is to me, can you please try to find Inspector French audio drama and the Toff by John creasey and The Baron audio drama. Thanks

  5. M Watts- Riley says

    I want ? pop corn, With fruit loops together. And fresca. Prefect movie ? theater treat. Prefect shutdown late morning ? listen. M.

  6. M Watts- Riley says

    At 3h 56 My guess is that z4 is Steve.

  7. M Watts- Riley says

    Shit the last time i sent a post card was, 1970, i was 12y. The stamp needed was 5c. from streator il to waukegan il. Hmm. M. Il. ??

  8. marieuk01 says

    Topp-O chappies loved it

  9. Jennifer Pierno says

    'Does anyone know who Z4 is?'  Well I certainly don't.  I would like to.  It's pretty complicated. I think I'm too stupid.  I'll keep listening and give it my best shot.

  10. Neil Kendrick says

    by tomothy sir, this was a suitable tonic at this time.

  11. Getgoing97 says

    Happy People you have made me very happy in these strange times. Thank you!

  12. Tricia Lacourse says

    Brilliant thanks love temple

  13. Lucy McDee says

    This is an absolute treat. I've listened to the audio plays to death so this is such a surprise as I didn't know this story telling was in existence. Thank you!

  14. Julia Hardiman says

    Hello, I thought you would like to know that you have kept me sane locked down as I am, you have the undying thanks of a great fan of your efforts. Keep well.

  15. Brigitte Saugstad says

    thank you so much! I love Paul Temple and Steve

  16. Baa Baa Bathsheba says

    I love Paul and Steve – even if they walk blindly into the most obvious traps. Just about every episode has a car 'accident' – you'd think they would learn by their mistakes but happily they never do. Fortunately, the villains are even thicker than P&S.

  17. Jane Griffiths says

    So glad I found this had listened to all the others. Love Paul and Steve, so nostalgic Thanks

  18. E says

    I love ? Paul Temple and Steve! Thank you

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