Next In Fashion Competition Series | Official Trailer | Netflix


Designers team up to create visionary looks that work for everyone in this new fashion competition series hosted by style icons Tan France and Alexa Chung. The winner will receive a $250,000 prize and the opportunity to debut their collection with fashion retailer Net-a-Porter. All 10 episodes of Next In Fashion launch on Netflix January 29.

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Next In Fashion Competition Series | Official Trailer | Netflix

Talented designers from around the world compete for $250,000 and the chance to become the next big thing in fashion.

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  1. Faye Alsala says

    Just wanted to add. NOT WATCHING THIS ANYMORE. Dude, whatever is quick to criticize, critique , and cast off ethnic (especially Black Desighners) off. Well, they just don't fit your mode. Well they are okay for ethnic people. What design/designer are you wearing??? Do you even own a regular men's suit. Whatever, I'm out. Where you from anyway????

  2. Juan Fandiño says

    This is not better than project runway. At least in PR the judges criticize with a clear point of view. After watching the asian girls got in the bottom with awful horrible designs I realized it was arranged. I don't get it there were designers that nailed the concepts and they saved the ones who didn't. This lacks of professionalism.

  3. you’re right says

    so THIS is rupauls best friend race

  4. KyaputenAura says

    The song is called Dance Monkey by Tones and I for all those who came here needing it too ?

  5. Earn Lerr says

    Bitch claire

  6. Tom B says

    Whats the catwalk/runway show song they play during episode 2 prints and patterns?

  7. Muñeca De cristal says

    The only best Mexican designer there she works with Vogue and they eliminated wtf!!

  8. Teacher Naconeski says

    Nice show, but it would be better if they didn't pay too much attention to gender, racial or nationality issues/agenda. Seeing that they refused to eliminate two girls because they were black was really annoying. Even the other black girl from another team got pissed off with this choice.

  9. vanybeni96 says

    does somebody know who the second model is in the finale from Daniel's collection? I think his name was Nathan sth…..

  10. gerald lee says

    They have to improve the middle of the show… the 2 eps I saw, I just skipped to the runway. Maybe it's because the contestants are all experts so there's no mentoring needed…it does make it a bit empty.

  11. Taboo Bunny says

    There’s literally blood, tears and tense situations in this season. I’m not into fashion, but this show is a winner.

  12. NotaFro says

    Project Runway but BETTER!Binge watched the whole series and LOVED IT!!These are all established designers, not newcomers trying to break into the industry and the more relaxed and professional atmosphere in the workroom seemed to reflect that.Only negative is the working in teams to start off with. On the one hand it allows contestants like Angelo who has great ideas, but poor construction skills more opportunity to show what he's actually good at i.e. designing (after all, he employs people who can sew in real life). On the other, people like Julian, Narresh and possibly Nasheli are brought down by their partners and eliminated too soon.So, yeah, looking forward to series 2!!

  13. Eva Gj says

    I love this program what are the rules to join

  14. Onin Baluyot says

    So Jackie Cox does some hosting gigs now huh

  15. annie wade says

    Ready for a new season!!! Pretty please and thank you!

  16. annie wade says

    PS – love the Tones and I song in the background.

  17. Kevin says

    Song ?

  18. esprit d ́escalier says

    can´t believe it that this is a series made by adults for more or less adult humans

  19. Daydreamer23 _ says

    WE NEED SEASON 2 ?????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

  20. It’s Viola Rose says

    Do NOT watch this show unless you’re absolutely obsessed with watching judges lie about fit and construction in order to remove the only team of black female contenders from the competition in an act of obvious and blatant racism. Every EXCUSE they make for voting off Kiki and Farai is disgusting and obvious, to the point of a judge LItERALLY WALKING OFF and refusing to take part in blatant racist normativity. I am truly repulsed that this show is allowed to exist. If you want to see a show that is deliberately orchestrated so that a designer who literally creates the exact same outfit for every single episode is guaranteed to win, be my guest. If you want to see a fair competition based on actual construction and skill, you’re better off watching Steampunk’d than this travesty of a show. I’m so angry right now I can’t even.

  21. 半亩 says

    Just finished watching these series. Amazing shows!!

  22. maya xx says


  23. Juan Calderon says

    Project runway is much better, the judges are too kind, Michael korks is way funnier and picky.

  24. 629 says

    Alexa and fashion?

  25. Feeoryne says

    The hostess looks awful bulimic!!! YUUUUK!!!

  26. Oilstories says

    Not happy that the glorified pillowcase-maker won, while the actually talented and thoughtful designers were sent home.

  27. Natola Attire says


  28. Jahvanna Ryan says

    Never thought a fashion show could bring me to tears! I laughed, cried, and have come to appreciate the fashion world. LOVED this show and cant wait for season 2

  29. Simon Carrier says

    Consequences of the Nuremberg "trial"

  30. khalid zahran says

    I would never thought I would love a fashion show.. I guess Quarantine gets the better side out of you. Amazing Amazing show! Season 2 please now?

  31. Look at my Pumped up kicks says

    Bru them judges didn’t have no flavor I’m sorry?

  32. Sirius Lee says

    I wish they work alone. So much disagreement

  33. cathyshaw9999999 says

    On the underwear episode, I think the big problem with Angel and Minju’s design is they really didn’t understand what lingerie is and Tan’s definition was cute but not helpful. I wish he had mentioned sexy.

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