NieR Re[in]carnation (Square Enix) – CBT Gameplay (Android/IOS)


NieR Re[in]carnation (Square Enix) – CBT Gameplay (Android/IOS)





※抽選となった場合、7月28日頃にスクエニ メンバーズに登録されたメールアドレス宛に当落結果をご連絡いたします。

推奨Snapdragon 835以上(Xperia XZ1、Galaxy S8)



►► Total Size: ~504MB

► Online/Offline: Online

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► IOS: Coming Soon

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  1. Gaming Mobile says

    This is a closed beta, need activation code to login. Those who are selected will receive an email from Square-Enix,
    inside there is the download file and that activates.
    Please check your email now.

  2. Radiant Beach Shulk says

    I wonder if the girl in black and the other two characters you battle as are YoRHa units? The girl at least looks like one.

  3. K.R legends says

    What is the CPU of this game 32bit or 64bit ?

  4. AlecPanic says

    Depression on the go

  5. kohey 1222 says

    That's for Japanese people. You are stealing chairs for Japanese. Reported.

  6. EMT UMR says

    turn base needs to die

  7. mylove wong says

    Online again? ?

  8. Ovan says

    I hope my favorite songs on Nier are in?Song Of The Ancient Devola Kaine Salvation Hills Of Raidant Wind

  9. LightBringer II says

    This will be the best turn base game the graphics and music is so good

  10. TrickSterz says

    Good a turn based game, ARPG/Hack n Slash in mobile are mostly boring.

  11. JotaK says

    Não gostei, de turno é MUITO RUIM

  12. Piggy W says

    It makes sense that this game is turn-based RPG. If they makes this an action RPG, it might suffers frame rate issue and overheating problem. The graphic looks great and soundtrack is absolutely beautiful. At the end of the day, it's an mobile game? won't expect this to reach console or PC quality

  13. Your Name says

    Đúng thể loại mình thích

  14. Maōkami says

    well in the future words of Yoko Taro :" i think it looks great, I think it will make lots of money "

  15. Andic A7X says

    Turn base game 🙁

  16. Herman Sabani says

    Story mode?

  17. jokejoke says

    Calling it nowThis game will shutdown after 2 years topsThere's just so many ways for you to recycle the same characters over and over in different clothing before it becomes extremely stale.

  18. •りム尺ズム says

    Oh no….

  19. Xe Non says

    I wonder will this be paid game or free.. It's free game with gacha system I guess? Since game with gacha system let the company to have continuos income?

  20. Noshadow Fex says

    dang it's turn based 🙁

  21. lounis hamza says

    cheap copy of Nier: Automata
    it need more work i'll wait for the full game when it release

  22. Haruka May says

    So much talk about it being turn-based. I'm just sad about the shit story presentation. (5:20) Had a lot of hope for this since YT has some great stories, but this style is ugh. The visuals for everything else look gorgeous at least, but they really dropped the ball here.

  23. Quiveleo says

    i just need vocals, then we good to go ?

  24. pede ange says

    It seem fully auto like overhit, and I don't like it, turn base is ok for me, but at least I want to control my char like onmyoji or tales of crestoria.

  25. Vermil FlowZ says

    Damnit! I didn't get accepted? so hyped to play this game tho, the games beautiful, the graphics are great for a Mobile game too. The only thing is that the battle mechanism happens to be turn-based

  26. Atheer 3sk says

    I'll definitely play it when it releases.

  27. Tanya von Degurechaff says

    after playing fate extella mobile, i can say Nier Automata full experience is not Impossible in mobile device

  28. Tanya von Degurechaff says

    aw, turn based

  29. Guar Dion says

    WHY WHY THIS IS A STRATEGY, not a hack & slash game

  30. Mr Han says

    The combat is ok but 2 ACTIVE SKILL AND 1 ULT? Seriously…the skills are too few despite having good visual but simple mechanics meh trash game, another selling waifu/husbando games nor the gameplay i see, at least i can save memory and w8 for PGR

  31. Nar Sak says

    Govno this not RPG! Delete game!

  32. 500 Million Yen In Debt says

    Running Simulator?

  33. AiFudSeusDonuts says

    i was expecting more, damn, what a shitty game

  34. Darth Giggity says

    So it is a semi turn based monstrosity. Disappointing. The Devil May Cry mobile game is starting to look better now.

  35. Syahmi M I says


  36. Anegasaki says

    Well, for turn based look fine too me, like old FF in ps2

  37. Absolute Zero says

    The game looks gorgeous. Wish the combat part was like neir automata.

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