1. Randolph Armstrong says

    I’m always surprised by the stupidity of these ppl



  3. Jonathan says

    Media lies, propaganda.

  4. Missy Gibson says

    It's really hard to know what the real numbers of deaths are when they include patients that have a major underlying medical issue. If they die of a heart attack and have covid, it gets counted under covid, not under heat attack. They don't tell you this stuff on the news. They cherry pick what they want you to hear.

  5. Danny chong says

    THE DEMON SWEAR TO GOD, SHE WONT SEE THEIR FAMILY AGAINhttps://m.vk.com/wall519091887_2232

  6. Sacred Phoenix says

    there are some states with counties that haven't even seen it yet, but with everything opening up it's going to get worse and more families are gonna loose more of their loved ones….The people that are taking risks and going into work these states that are going to open back up, are they their governors are they gonna reassure the pple of these states that are opening back up are they gonna protect these pple or at least if they get it and lose someone are they gonna cover the expense because they had to open and force those pple to work and be in these conditions? you know these families can't because they haven't worked in two to three months and if they go to work now and then a few days later get this junk then to loose one what's the states gonna do then? How in the world is this going to get better when the cases are getting worse, how can you all say opening back up is going to be a good thing…Not to good to be reopening because we are just now seeing the real rack up of bodies from this….

  7. El Ru says

    Americans taking the virus home to their grandmothers and grandfathers? lol. Americans dont live with grandparents. Sad fact of our society. Grandparents live alone. Like me…. we have already veen "isolated"…and unwanted. I dont care if I get the virus.

  8. Trice Scott says

    I will still be participating in social distancing for the next 4-6 months. Will not catch me slipping.

  9. James Ellis Martin says

    This is a take it or leave it proclamation! Brothers and sisters in The Most High… especially those trapped in Babylon! With that "STIMULUS CHECK" you have been given, it is time to use it to stimulate your thinking in a new direction – redirecting your mind and energy (possibly for the last time) out of Babylon! Many of you have complained about not having the means – the financial means to escape…well…now you have and it has fallen, as from the shy, like manna right into your hands. If you do not use this opportunity wisely and you choose to put your blessing back into a broken system – a system purposely designed with you in mind to oppress and hold in bondage, a system which has abused you and still plans to – a system which has been declared by The Most High fit for destruction – a system in which you have been warned to flee from! If you do not use this – what may be your last chance for escape, wisely…you will have no one but yourselves to blame! "GET OUT OF BABYLON"! Once the borders are reopened, and you are once again able to get your passport…do it and leave that dreadful place! May The Most High give you a heart of wisdom and understanding of the times!

  10. Brian R says

    The constitution is the Supreme Law Of The Land! No emergency order or executive order trumps it. Any that do are null and void! Ill take dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery always!!! Remember! The constitution was written during a time of great emergency!

  11. Ruben Gutierrez says


  12. Brian R says

    finally "ALLOWED" to see her child??? Wtf is wrong with you people……

  13. James Parker says

    Let the die if they don't want to follow instructions.

  14. Brent says

    scinetists don't get the government funding unless they find what the government wants them to find…. its all a hoax to extend the tyrannical reach of the government. the flu is normal. theres no return to normalcy unless there is a revolution.

  15. Dorian Lollobrigida says

    deadly donthe callous conamerican greatness…going, going, gone

  16. Teresa Thayn says

    This isn't about China, you idiots! We See You! Y'all failed us, big time! Many more died because Trump and his administration did nothing to curb this disease! No re-election for you morons! President Bone Spurs can't handle the job! You're Fired!! And I believe Tara Reid!

  17. Fuzz says

    dam these people donating stimulant yet the government is to up tight about the money they give out

  18. bret douglas says

    The economy HAS to get moving. Are you fools? You will ALL be out of work soon. Stop blaming these people. When you are really out of toilet paper then you will cry.

  19. Jay Luna says

    I didn't get a check ?

  20. Mona Moneek Jackson says

    Be blessed

  21. Queen Sassy says


  22. Michael Getz says

    I don't believe this NBC Report. Get rid of Fauci and Birx. We need doctors who are not communist.

  23. S. A. B says

    Must see Plandemic Part 1 720p

  24. Abbas Karami says


  25. Abbas Karami says


  26. porque says

    support our president. we are wining

  27. Debra Baron says

    Protesters with no mask.They make me sick.

  28. Jürgen Bleekmann says

    Dump People

  29. rjmidnite says

    fake covid power Trip.

  30. Betty Lawson says

    I don't trust this. To many nurses came forth and spoke about what these hospitals are really doing. I just can't.

  31. Betty Lawson says

    God bless her.

  32. Frances Hill says

    Crisis actors, hope they being paid well..The hospitals all empty !! go check out your local hospital and see for your self..

  33. Juan Rivera says

    Trump can't answer the question most likely because of every other situation with his administration is just another lie. He don't want to be embarrassed again like he did with the dumb disinfectant solution to the virus.

  34. Hieu Hao Nguyen says

    Chinese government intentionally spread the virus over the world ,special to countries they don,t like and their allies.The dead oftheir people is in their plan to show the world it was a mistake,actually is their plan to reduce their over population that have triedto use many measures like one child per family. They also declared that no one soldier in their army was affected and ready fora combat.The capital city and many other like Sanghai , Alibaba ect are safe.We cannot trust the communists, they are the worsthuman spicy on this planet.When Xi was treated big feast by US president Obama at the white house.Xi promised in front ofdignities and the world guests that he will not armed the artificial island they have build and what they are doing now..No matterwhat,they are deserved being punished by the world.

  35. Danyell Thomas says

    I think it's funny people are kind of upset because they have to wear a maskI saw on TV a nurse who was complaining about she hated wearing a mask and gloves because you can't connect with the patients this is something every hospital should have been doing and restaurants

  36. Jeffrey Cohen says

    Take off the face masks. I've had it with these news scripts…it is as if they are reading from the same piece of paper…politicians, media, health officials.

  37. Rowdy Bleu says

    Fauci funded the Chinese lab. The US is partly responsible for this.


    (ON)Locked down date graft of case and death stright up and up everyday since , diet Related no movement high blood sugar cause high bacteria home for viruses “ check my utube

  39. EileenMc says

    idiots perhaps co-murderersof fellow Americans

  40. VR Inks says

    Stop all your Coraption Crimenal Conspiracy Judgement Death Death ?All Of You Stop Your Kuss Evil done Nomore Poletic Nomore Puletics Nomore Nomore Poletic Nomore Puletics Nomore Poletic Nomore Nomore Puletics Nomore Poletic Nomore Puletics Nomore co operation Nomore co operation Nomore Poletic Nomore Puletics Nomore Nomore Trump Evil Out Out Burn All Of Inthe Brimstone Fire ? Now Nomore co operation I Demand ain’t the new world Order Peace ✌️????????☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☠️☠️☠️???????????????????????????????????????

  41. Lynn Smith says

    Democrats paid China 3.7.million dollars 2015 said by 2017 pandemic told to stop ignored still produced Covid-19 gern warfare against Americans Bill Gates patented the Covid-19 for germwafe against Americans the Deaths lie on the Democrats hands we will get them one by one Trump 2020

  42. Ruth Foran says

    The Coronavirus is cause and come from American lap work The world blame America

  43. chris green says

    Ive been social distancing for 45yrs it aint that bad.

  44. Scott Moyer says

    This country and it's news has got to stop sensationalizing the news to get ratings. News companies are trying all they can to create and to dig up dirt on anyone in the mainstream no matter how ridiculous , absurd or Trumped up the allegations may be. They are blood thirsty for the ratings and it has just got to stop. In past decades, this kind of news reporting would be banned and disallowed from getting anywhere near the TV.

  45. anthony labracio says

    millions of babies killed by abortion

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