1. grant93321 says

    @Gamerzox football is a general term describing the three main football sports "american football, soccer, rugby"
    football in america is just called football and what other countries describe as football we call it soccer. soccer is techically "association football" but rugby is also a form of football, much like american football/.

  2. laabho says

    i miss that 3h long chain so fucking much

  3. Prateek Mathur says

    i have that gold and white ball but instead of gold its red and instead of white its silver

  4. cardinal8 says

    You don't have to be mean at the American way of life. I live in America and I call it football around my family and soccer around my friends. We don't make fun of your way of saying it, so please don't make fun of ours. And by the way, it's succer. It's soccer.

  5. Honestdirectors says

    yup. that is kobe and that is Freddy Adu at the beginning.

  6. Honestdirectors says

    It is Guerreiro by Curumin

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