1. iqbal 04 says

    1:15 favorite

  2. Ro Notorious says

    Fortunati ad aver vissuto gli anni 90

  3. jeffrey nvmzs says

    back in the days when football & tv were good

  4. K - GaMers says

    Take me back


    Siiiiiiii este es tal cual lo recordaba, con Cantona


    2020 still watching

  7. Antonio says

    Can someone post the beginning dialogue in italian

  8. Salman Yahua Rusadi says

    Who watch this in 2020

  9. Alnilam says

    Best soccer ad ever!

  10. Sanjar Fayzullayev says

    Maldini Super

  11. carlo martini says

    Back when the best defender and the best striker of all times (Maldini and Ronaldo) were both playing in Serie A. And in the same city! Good old days.

  12. Oscuro Infinito says

    Lo mejor de este video!! es campos grande portero mexicano !! No hay duda Jorge campos un perro en la portería 😂

  13. M n says

    2005 wow

  14. YK says

    this is cool AF!

  15. Pappa Mthembu says

    Soccer will never be the same.

  16. Smaldini says

    Back then
    Man utd
    Ac milan
    Inter milan
    Were challenge
    Jose mourinho

  17. Gulaknikov says

    There is a long version of this commercial back in the days when this came out i was so happy to watch it!

  18. Marco Carboni says

    This is the greatest commercial ever made. Back then, you couldn't find one single person who hadn't watched it at least a few times. I remember that every time it played, I used to called my brother to watch it together. When I played football with my friends we all recited our shares of "au revoir" (with the neck gesture, obviously) before shooting a penalty. I have goosebumps!

  19. VEGETA KING says

    2020 june

  20. Red was not the Impostor says

    I feel so old watching this

  21. Kath Broad says

    Fuckin get roy keane in there thell be right

  22. Jaime leon guzman says

    Did anyone know that this was made to represent the Italy team!! Italians were known as defensive, destructive, counter attackers. Hence what they did throughout the 94 World Cup to reach final! The fact its set in colliseum says it all!!

  23. 5t3r3054x says

    General comment: So this is how it must feels to have Thomas Gravesen, Paolo Montero, Pepe and the like, on the same (evil) team

    Local comment: Así que aquí fue que Jorge Campos se volvió "El Inmortal" :v

  24. R macias says


  25. Amr Maklad says

    Can anyone please provide me with the script or the lyrics? I want to know whats said in Italian !!!

  26. Andrey Pablo says


  27. Tihiy Front says

    Салам из 2020🔥🔥🔥Коронавирус уже сдесь)

  28. victor felicio says

    Felipe Melo like this vídeo!!!

  29. John Smith says

    Maldini sounds Scottish always thought that

  30. s t says

    PAolo MAldini = GOD . Elegant,strong,fast.25 thropies ,more than 1000 pro match played , great man even outside the field . Not like the over tattooed bimbo players of today.unbelievable when Italy could start a game with defenders like Bergomi,Costacurta ,baresi , Maldini , Nesta ,Cannavaro .2 decades of best defenders .

  31. Pablo Gonzalez says

    Was Ronaldo added later? I don’t think he played with the national team in 95. Some are saying this commercial is as old as world cup 94!! I remember seeing it on t.v later on around 1998

  32. mau feito says

    Esto es tan antiguo… pero tan enorme… con jugadores que hicieron historia…

  33. Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre says

    What is this?!

  34. mr magoo says

    liverpool chamions of the world 2019 would play these devils off the field

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