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Nintendo has always had notoriously bad problems with Joy-Con drift on their Switch consoles, but the problem’s been taken to new heights. They’ve shut down authorized repair shops – leaving people to try to fix their Switches themselves!

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  1. Stuart F says

    I've also been unable to get a new, defective Oculus Quest fixed. It bricked itself overnight and Oculus just says they can't generate shipping labels due to "system maintenance" which I assume is code for covid.

  2. Gareth L says

    IG are masters of stretching one topic into 10min. Not easy to do.

  3. MrGaiakid says

    This is why i learned how to replace the sticks myself and bought the tools/parts. I have zero experience with electronics and was able to do it for mine and two other friends, it's not hard as long as you have a bit of patience and a delicate touch

  4. marcelino rodriguez says

    Lucky me I sent mine to Nintendo in December

  5. Daishi says

    I’d fix them but triwing screws are the worst

  6. PKLuver944 says

    My Switch Lite has started drifting and even flickering input after six months of owning it. Like hell I’m sending my console to the only repair in Australia and leaving my Animal Crossing villagers alone for a month!

  7. Adam Bennett says

    is there actual proof of the lite having drift issues besides a video post from one person? ive had mine for almost 3 months now and the sticks work perfectly fine as if first bought the console. ive bought 2 replacement pairs as well as a cart reader from amazon just in case but i havent had to open the packaging yet. its not hard to take it apart anyways and the lcd itself is somewhat flexible compared to the standard ones you find in phones so if you even had to replace the digitizer for some reason you can bend it a bit to separate it from the lcd. the part that i dont understand tho is why the hell parts on amazon and ebay are so god damn expensive. really its almost $200 just for the switch lite display assembly on ebay, another $75 for the motherboard and so on. why pay for parts when you can buy a new system for $200 – $300? amazon sells the lite for $220 new. in store you pay $205 if include tax depending on which state you live in but your paying almost the same on amazon so why not buy one that way and can use the old one as parts or sell at a used price of $175. people using bots to buy out stores just to resell for profit are assholes in plain english. scalpers ruin things for people all the time and there are people who have been wanting to get one and ever since this whole covid bs started all stores have been sold out. the stores get them in stock but the day you get there which is the same day truck is there theyre gone. its as if they were on the truck then when they get to the store the case magically disappeared. there are alot of good games coming out this month probably the best month since launch and not one person can buy the console. hell stores refuse to sell the display models even if offer to pay full price too. all stores need to put a limit of 1 console per family and in order to purchase one you need to show a state id so they have a record of who purchased one. it might sound stupid but if think about it it wasnt so stupid when we rented consoles from places like blockbuster because we needed a license to rent anything we took out so why not do the same for consoles now? i still want to get a second one but i guess i was one of the lucky ones who managed to actually get one during this virus. besides the actual console tho now games are suddenly disappearing as well including digital cards for certain games like skyrim, witcher 3 and other higher priced games. sorry for my looooong comment but this whole scalping thing is bs and needs to stop

  8. Båt David Larsson says

    Aaaaaand alot of companies want to stop consumers to do self repairs, guess their argument is gone now.

  9. Luis Saldaña says

    Honestly I'm grateful for my Hori Split pad pro, after having 2 pairs of joycons crap out on me (drifting) after I got the Split pro, my problems are over, the joycons are just badly designed, the super compact joystick actuators are just awful.

  10. Spencer Boyle says

    When my Joycon's thumb grip fell off Nintendo wanted to charge me $40 for it. I can't find the thumb grip anywhere online so I've been thinking of ordering an entire analog stick.

  11. AveryTubeHD says

    Honestly, I don’t think they EVER WILL.

  12. Brett Culbertson says

    Amir dropped the ball with Patrick's audio levels, I had to turn the volume up to max whenever he starts talking & immediately turn it down once Brian or Conor's loud asses start talking

  13. Justin Rigsby says

    My favorite one was the rubber foot on the launch era PS4 that pushed into the eject button. Thankfully, you can easily just yank it out.

  14. SteelersNation 19 says

    My joycon is broke, I don’t have enough money to buy a new one, I’m taking my buisness to Xbox instead now

  15. Thomas Earl says

    With years of same to similar defects across console and PC generations, just get it mostly right companies so you don't have to go thru class actions and media onslaughts. Yes, your buyers continue to buy, but one day . . . . they'll still buy.

  16. Final Form says

    MFW I just bought a Switch Lite ?

  17. Keagan D says

    My second set has drift now reeeeeeeee

  18. Colleen Glanville says

    "There Like The Maytag Repair Man Over There."I don't know why, but I laughed so hard lol! ???

  19. Colleen Glanville says

    "I'm Stupid, That's The Most Important Part About Myself, And I Forgot That."I sadly can relate lol! ???

  20. Colleen Glanville says

    "I Feel Like We Should Talk About That More, Should We Do That In Every Story."Literally my thoughts every night lol! ???

  21. Colleen Glanville says

    "If You Like Anime You Can Use It To Access Japanese Netflix, And Be Spirited Away."Ah, I love what you did there, that's my favorite Studio Ghibli movie! ???

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