Non-League to Legend FM20 | BARNSLEY | Part 1 | NEW CLUB | Football Manager 2020


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The long-running FM20 journeyman series Non-League to Legend continues with the second club in this year’s journey, Bristol Rovers. Will we conquer Football Manager 2020 or add another sacking to the collection? In today’s video we meet the players at new club Barnsley before taking on Huddersfield and Wigan in the Championship.

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  1. Daniel Fersbeanto says

    I know why your Bristol spell is a disaster, because you only have 1 chair. That upsetting you, and bring negative feeling toward the players.

    How can we trust a manager that only have 1 chair ?
    Where we will sit if we come to his house while Thanksgiving ?

  2. Scott Smith says

    I no your no longer with kings Lynn but same thing happened to me. top of the table then mid season came we just crumbled and I don't no why.

  3. Ryan Bennett-Barlow says

    "Horse garages" and I lost it 😂😂😂 love it, Kev.

  4. Michael May says

    "We've got horse garages" xD

    Rich, but clearly not educated. Perhaps some private school lessons as well? 😛

  5. Eli Morgan says

    I’m from Barnsley

  6. Nate Symes says

    Best house ever.

  7. ZK says

    Is that Luke McCormick Chelsea U23s for Wigan

  8. Callum Brown says

    Bro awesome content man i have a question, How strong of a graphics card minimum do you need to play this game smoothly that be much appreciated if you know happy 2020!

  9. Sondra WM says

    So much to enjoy. So many fun tangents this episode in and out of football manager. So much entertainment. And a friend from Kings Lynn returns

  10. Function Football says

    Mason Greenwood :} U should sign

  11. Kingwell says

    Barnsley fan here and newcomer to your channel. Enjoying it so far! Dunno where you get the pictures from, but just fyi that is definitely not a photo of Victor Adeboyejo

  12. Sam Parkinson says

    I’ve waited so many years for someone to manage my club! Thank god it’s you who’s managing us

  13. Chris Barber says

    your saying mowatt's name right he was a player and leeds and we thought really highly about him

  14. Billy Swallow says

    Ben Cottrell was at Holme. I think?

  15. zyleta majonez says

    can someone explain the chair thing?
    I mean I dig it but I dont get it

  16. Fendy Bendy says

    i’m a bristol city fan i had to miss the whole time you were at the gas because that’s how much i hate them. But i’m back now 😂

  17. Dayco Guy says

    has anyone have any problems with the match engine recently?

  18. not in use says

    Been wanting to watch a football manager on Barnsley. Can’t wait to watch this series!

  19. Elliot Booth says

    Next job will have to be something big to get you out of that house 😂😂

  20. Ian Heppenstall says

    Jacob Brown IRL has played leftback, right back, left wing, right wing and is currently playing as a striker the last few weeks…the lads versatile.

  21. Recozz says

    Get in goal Freddie woodman on loan at Swansea form Newcastle 5.5m

  22. Bradley Hardy says

    Bird garage and fish garage killed me 😂😂😂

  23. Mikkel Georgsen says

    Kev: Does team shouts and immediately does a substitution so the new player gets no bonus

    Also Kev: Yea that seems like the right order to do this…

  24. AFR0 MONKEY says

    Daniel James.

  25. Hazemore says

    use the gegenpress and tiki-taka, don't use just one. Combine the tactics

  26. Tom Harris says

    Try 4-1-2-3 DM wide

  27. Oliver Schneider says

    Love house hunting ❤️

  28. michael reid says

    Go get Chapman from Bristol rovers lol

  29. Freddie Mills says

    great video kev

  30. Strategic Banana says

    Allfre Payne

  31. The Kinch-Brooks Family KB says

    I was gonna guess Greenwood as you keep saying you need a striker but a little spoiler at the end revealed all 😂

  32. Craig Barker says

    Horse garages!! Hahaha Love it Kev.

  33. Kyle Molics says

    We play gagenpress press irl and most players you have play in that

  34. Kyle Molics says

    Well… I never thought I'd see the day kev manages Barnsley!! You can come live with me for a few months. We can trade blood pressure haha

  35. Paul says

    Horse garage, bird garage and fish garage are being permanently added to my vocabulary.

  36. Michael Wallace says

    Evitimov played under Coleman(manager Barnsley just fired) at Accrington, so probably favoritism is why he was starting in goal

  37. Drew K says

    Mason Greenwood?

  38. Justin Day says

    I think he’s gonna try to bring in McBurnie

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