Non-League to Legend FM20 | BAYERN MUNICH | Part 1 | NEW CLUB | Football Manager 2020


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The long-running FM20 journeyman series Non-League to Legend continues with the fifth club in this year’s journey, Bayern Munich. Will we conquer Football Manager 2020 with Bayern or add another sacking to the collection? In today’s video we meet the new team and spend more money than I’ve ever spent in a transfer window before…

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  1. One and Only says

    I'm catching up on a load of NLTL now and seemingly Kev has become a parody of himself by this stage, 100+ Million Full Backs, Signing everybody from former clubs, A load of Brazilians and never-never deals galore. Kev is parodying all of the tropes he uses in one video and I absolutely love every second of it, amazing job Kev

  2. The_Dark_Knight says

    You won the Europa league at Totttenham!

  3. Young Candor says

    Talking about football manger series I'm watching like it's really football ???

  4. Pine Cone says

    goes to Germanygoes after Aryan

  5. Daniel Goh says

    After watching Second Yellow Card exclusively for so long, I don't know how I feel about this ridiculous spending. Obviously love it but somewhat unnerved by it

  6. Admiral Fujitora says

    Hey since you manage Bayern München you should at least greet us in German. :DBecause would be more immersive

  7. kehlgaming says

    When I play FM assigning the "correct" shirt numbers are important. Striker's number for a centre back is an abomination.

  8. ScottMarnochCovers says

    That is a chairbnb

  9. LPS says

    Could you maybe change it to euros instead of pounds?

  10. DcIxvi says

    I'm excited!

  11. Moise Angelo says

    So playing with a German team using a German tactic…. Let me buy half of Brazil real quick

  12. papasmurfette007 says

    Back to watch after leaving Spurs. Got bored there after enjoying Barnsley…

  13. Chubbychenko says


  14. Troy Biagi says

    Should have stayed with spurs

  15. Xhesika Gosturani says

    Gashi si Albanian

  16. Lost in the North says

    Love that you left that horrible excuse of a "football club"!

  17. Charles Keusters says


  18. cxdesan says

    Trying to weaken Dortmund as a Bayern Manager. That‘s a classic

  19. Lewis Black says

    I know we all miss Jair, but looking at Drombrowski, I think we might have a contender to the throne

  20. Tioram McDonough says

    If you'd been following the rules of the save you would've stayed, no manager in their right mind would be left

  21. Tom Bardsley says

    How do Bayern have such a large bank balance ?! Yes I know big club but am sure the teams in the premier league didn't have that amount of money. Would love to see what the other bank balances for the bundesliga are as if they're massively lower, it's once again a huge advantage to Bayern

  22. SH_ FILM says

    Insane episode!! Kev doing Kev things and well on the way to bankrupting Bayern with all the never never deals ?

  23. Aleksander Wiatrowski says

    Had similar situation with Man Utd. I came from Wolfsburg, got 300m EURO, bought 2 Wolfburg players, sold 1/3 of the squad and eventually spent 686m EURO that season 🙂

  24. Footnasium says

    £100m for a full back… I give up

  25. Jack Oulton says

    I don’t tend to use old players, but it would’ve been nice to have Kimmich see out the rest of his career at the club

  26. Happy Rhino says

    did it not say sign germans and players based in germany?

  27. Oliver Schneider says

    transferspend 800million LOL

  28. Gary Hopkins says

    Great episode Kev

  29. Aúpa Atlèti says

    How do I change the youth rating for countries on fm 20 for better new gens

  30. SaderzZ says

    can we all appreciate the name Wolfgang Moker please

  31. Tony Fury says

    The monies

  32. Gabe Itch says


  33. Ben Glover says

    Only here for the house hunting and chair reviews

  34. sampas99 says

    Who wouldn't take a pay cut to go to Bayern as a manager?

  35. FreedomIsSlavery says

    You don't need an AM to get accurate star ratings for your players…and you absolutely can play with two playmakers if one is on defend and the other on attack – they occupy different positions on the field.

  36. Novelty Robot says

    Well, that was absolutely outrageous

  37. JPL says

    Incredible window… completely revamped this team into a champions league contender

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