Non-League to Legend FM20 | BRISTOL ROVERS | Part 1 | NEW CLUB | Football Manager 2020


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The long-running FM20 journeyman series Non-League to Legend continues with the second club in this year’s journey, Bristol Rovers. Will we conquer Football Manager 2020 or add another sacking to the collection? In today’s video we find a new house, meet the new team and play our first two games in charge against Hull in League 1 and Luton in the FA Cup.

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  1. SuperJam85 says

    I’m new to your channel and Non League to Legend. I’m loving it so far. I’ve started one myself with York. Was curious if you ever have specific jobs you look out for and try and aim to get? For instance I’d like to go to Forest (Born in Nottingham) Barnsley (Lived there for a while), and Man United as I support them

  2. Lewis init says

    Offering an ex Bristol Rovers player the assistant manager role at Bristol Rovers without even realising he used to play for Bristol Rovers 😂

  3. Davy Peters says

    3 bedrooms, 1 chair

  4. Rob FC Gaming says

    How do you figure out the £67,600 income from the contract because I've tried this for my own Non League to Legend series inspired by this one and failed every attempt

  5. Oskar Adams says

    Only 1 team in Bristol🔴⚪️

  6. Oskar Adams says

    Really like this channel but why did u have to choose this shithole of a club 😢😤

  7. Brax 90 says

    I know I’m late to this, but seeing Jamie Hanson’s name pop up as the first guy who’s scored against you is mental, I went to school with that guy! He was in the year above me!

  8. Un Out says

    Up the fooken gas!!!

  9. Tom Verhaegen says

    @lollujo watching since ep1 Kings Lynn and seeing twice the same mistake. You do the mortage count thing on you bruto income not on youre netto. Just saying 🙂

  10. Mark Gidman says

    Who did kings Lynn get as your successor? I'm only this far through on your videos enjoying them so far

  11. Junior Spilsbury says

    Absolutly love this channel both non league to ledge and bourne ace !

  12. mark healey says

    Newport could be a good game basement battle and derby

  13. cheddarUSA1 says

    I'm not trying to get my strikers to score ———- Kev thinking outside the bubble of conventional footy thinking 🙂

  14. Joel Nelson says

    'They've not experienced 10 minutes of passion yet…' You absolute ladykiller Kev 😀


    You have a Spanish follower dude


    Jose Garcia in Spanish and “Jouse” in portuguese

  17. G_Wolf United says

    Alfie Mawson Swansea i believe might do well for you

  18. Luca says

    UP THE GAS!!!

  19. Daniel Lenton says

    If Rovers didn't sell Clarke-Harris to Luton u would have a goalscorer

  20. Benjamin Kühn says

    We want Payne.

  21. Daniel Baker says

    From what I can gather cause I got same problem with my midfield is they do work but its something to do with position like one prob to me like a diffence middle field to an all out attack middle field kind of thing its what's they best to play in try changing the thing the the green dots mess about with it and you sort out the problem

  22. Mark Schueler says

    Kev, do you not have a cash reserve from selling in King's Lynn?

  23. Merkman says

    Anybody tried this? Does it actually work? Wondering if I should start stalking Kane, or if he might be an easy target anyway like it was for Kev. 😉

  24. rolo951 says

    The dotted liners only means that the midfield with the old manager got low ratings when playing together, ignore it for now

  25. Fiano Anthonio says

    Can you do review FM20 Touch on Switch, please? I have iPad pro, and still not sure which version should I get. Thanks

  26. Steen Eugen Poulsen says

    Thank you for being a dick to people that is alone, we really appreciate being told we are sad losers for only having one chair. I wasn't sad until you said it though, just to clarify, being alone is not bad on it's own,it's all the idiots putting us down for it that makes us sad, just leave us the f alone.

  27. Bradley Hardy says

    Mental Kundai benyu went to my school a couple years Above me

  28. Luke Simmonds says

    You absolutely need to change up that midfield, it will be the cause of the lack of goals in the team also as they will not be creating any chances for you. Bring in Alfie Payne. He may not improve the overall squad, but he'll be a breath of fresh air in the midfield

  29. Pope Pierce says

    As a Celtic fan I forgot Benyu even existed 😅😅

  30. Hazemore says

    you have to sign alfie man, such a legend

  31. Marius Hegli says

    Before a big games now and then I find that the individual team talk " I have faith in you" is quite good.

  32. conor shaughnessy says

    Is this the same "year" you took over Bristol rovers last year?

  33. Jane Margaret Conway says

    Could you not have took Bostoxk with you as assistant or is he just suited for non league?

  34. OUTN says

    Love this save I have just got the managers job at Gloucester there 22nd in Vanarama North with only 8 points and 0 wins in 28 games so going to be very hard to keep them up so do any of you know of some good players to sign at this level

  35. BigMonkeyOnAStick says

    Better not start Ogogo, after all he's only got the highest average rating in the squad and is the only midfielder who can work with any of the others

  36. John Hasler says

    How do get the view you use between highlights during matches. The one that shows body language. I’m sure it’s obvious but I cannot find it!

  37. foued ben ammar says

    U gonna face kings linn next year on league 2 😂😂

  38. AFR0 MONKEY says

    Let's hope Bristol goes better this year

  39. Donncha Tunney says

    When you get coaches get Garcia to learn the trait shoots with power.

  40. Mattsey says

    Kev, you have to bring David Noble in as assistant manager, get the band back together!

  41. Jimmy FM says

    I swear I recognise this video… Didn't BR last year have no scoring strikers and an injury crisis when you joined? And you tried to sign players from your previous team for them then which worked out well… Have you just used the same voice over from first of last season with BR?!?!

  42. Pen Thief's views says

    club x episode x… my twitch has relaxed lol

  43. FreedomIsSlavery says

    Payne isn't good enough for league one. Your scouts are right.

  44. Bastian Schrøder Larsen says

    More chairs, Kev. More chairs danm it.

  45. Sick Nicks says

    The 10 down votes are kings Lynn tv and 9 of the players

  46. Consti NUTS says

    schame on you for leaving Kings took our Kings lyn away.😝☹

  47. Harothe 03 says

    just out of interest can you check who the previous manager was?

  48. Sander de Haan says

    Like the format of your videos and series, skipping some matchdays and showing just the relevant stuff. However I would like to see some more in depth gameplay. For instance the teamtalks you mentioned. Just a small clip of it would add a lot I think. It shows us a little bit more on how you manage the club, not just picking your squad and transferring players.

  49. Alfie Neathey says

    clark harris is rovers best player in real life. good striker

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