1. Ronni's 80's! says

    Hey guys! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my Sister channel here, thank you! – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6HnWocYLNwekFKv3DTQMaw

  2. LightLife4 says

    Has anyone noticed that she does sound a bit like Kate or is that just me?

  3. LightLife4 says

    Oh my god, this is really funny.

  4. nonnynay says

    @Dracopol Cool story, bro.

  5. Dracopol says

    @Singemeister No, no, it's no joke I tell you, it all FITS!

  6. BlankMaster000 says

    Wheres the rest of it? -.-

  7. Euro-African says

    she's brilliant, and now she's lighting up strictly 🙂

  8. Dracopol says

    @Dracopol …other occult observation: If you say "Babooshka" repeatedly it sounds like "kebab Bush" or "put the kibosh on Bush" or something, playing into the hands of the Obamacrats even more…

  9. Dracopol says

    …It all fits, I tell you! They catapult a singer named Kate BUSH to stardom, even though her whippy little voice irritates, and pretty soon you are so irritated at Bush, Bush, Bush, that your recoil vote flies wild and free to Barack HUSSEIN Obama, even though he is visibly Black and you've had fair warning, but you think to yourself anything but that whiny, irritating Bush and the votes fly to Obama who makes vague promises of uplifting American to great, wuthering heights…

  10. Dracopol says

    For the younger people: this is a parody of Kate Bush, a singer with a pure yet irritating voice, catapulted to fame by the New World Order to allow the Russian Mind-Control satellites to introduce a sub-carrier wave and brainwash a key sector of 80's Alternative listeners to be more favourable to a Black president, paving the way for the election of Barack HUSSEIN Obama who is the Anti-Christ so clearly foretold in the Book of Revelations. No, really…I would not jive you…

  11. Patrick Cosgrove says

    @downwidcrapmusic issues here? The BBC will whip anything off utube, even if it is not commerically available. whats the point? what about us licence payers who want to see these clips? tchah!

  12. bacholerno2 says

    Haha, well I showed some of her videos to my little brother and he said "What a freak". It's fine, I think that makes her even more special to those of us that appreciate her :). Take care.

  13. AcousticUplift says

    That's true. Listening to the sketch again I understand that it's talking about the pressure on her to 'dumb down'. At least you know male fans! Most of the men I know of who have heard of Kate Bush thinks she's weird. It's the only adjective they use for her, sadly. Oh well, genius often goes unappreciated.

  14. TheJaking87 says

    The spoof music videos from this show were classic. I remember the one where they imitated 'Abba'

  15. bacholerno2 says

    sorry, care* not card. 😛

  16. bacholerno2 says

    I definitely don't think they're insinuating that, they're saying she's smart but a lot of people don't card 'it's not your mind it's your body they're into'. I love Kate Bush and think she's an intelligent woman but when I meet the majority (not all) of her male fans they only seem to like her for her looks/ leotard/ babooshka outfit.

  17. mrtjf says

    superb comedy, when i was a toddler i thought this actualy was kate bush, when i bouhgt her cd i was dissapointed as it wasnt funny like this video!

  18. AcousticUplift says

    That said the impression is spot on…

  19. AcousticUplift says

    I don't like the insinuation that KB was ever thick. I'm sure she was always a profoundly intelligent young woman…esp if you consider 'The Boy with the child in his eyes' was written when she was only 14.

  20. Jojoseahorse says

    Pamela is awesomely talented;they all were on that show. Would have loved to see her take on Patti Smith LOL

  21. cbak12sg says

    This clip is actually from a 1986 documentary called Video Juke Box, with John Peel and John Waters. The sequence it's from was about parodies. It includes Nice Video Shame About The Song.
    The whole of England My Leotard used to be on You Tube, including the closing titles of that episode's NTNON, where the whole thing ends like Give Us A Clue/Charades.

  22. ottawamanz says

    too bad its not all here kate most likeley would have laughed at this,she is a great woman.

  23. Keith Bloomfield-DeWeese says

    That sounds like some gross generalizing. I'm an American and I just love this…fully see the humor in its take on Kate Bush. So what's your point?

  24. Keith Bloomfield-DeWeese says

    The whole thing is a spoof of Kate Bush and her songs/vids, "Oh England, My Lionheart," "Them Heavy People," and "Babooshka."

  25. Arthur Creighton-Jones says

    Me too MrBooojangles !!! I was gutted when she got married. You may be interested to know that she appeared in The Professionals episode 'old dog with new tricks' in which Bodie had to remove a live grenade from twixt her cleavage. I think this episode is posted elsewhere on Youtube – enjoy !

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