||NOTICE ME💖||Song by: Alli Simpson|Royale High Music Video| TheGacha Kitten



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  1. TheGacha Kitten says

    I finally linked my TikTok in the description. Idk why I took so long to put it there 😂😅

  2. Cash ewnu says

    uhm what editor u use?btw i love your music vids 😀

  3. Jayrald Cerdeña says

    dAd: what should we namd them?mOm: random girl 1 and random girl 2BoTh: LEGITim on mah aunt's phone

  4. aluna Calista says


  5. puff0unt says

    I used to make fun of this song but it like not a joke it’s a really good video btw 😀

  6. natasha sanchez says

    Loll love it

  7. Bobamilk Mz says

    yas queen i love it

  8. AVA Lilley says

    Wuv it

  9. Ambreen Hassan says

    @Jenstine is way more betterHttps:/Jenstine.comYoutube

  10. Mckayla says

    1:59 omg please reply TheGacha Kitten where did u get the microphone?^_^

  11. Mckayla says

    This was inspiring because when i was little i saw a YouTuber and she yelled at me for saying hi :Cso then i made a song and preformed and she wanted me to be in her video and then i told her no you were so rude to me and yea but people should always be nice ^_^

  12. Jadane Bowen says

    I love this SONG!!!!!!! Your the best youtuber

  13. KAWAII Sam Gamer says

    This is me in everyone YouTubers premieres asking everyone to notice me xD

  14. Kassidee Robinson says

    Harlow should have exposed her for being so rude!

  15. Jadane Bowen says

    Bet friend!

  16. Simple _Floral says

    Omg. I loved this! It’s so inspiring and beautiful. Amazing job

  17. Grace says

    Omg! Im so inspired :)!

  18. Isa's crazy life says

    This is me in the beginning my Chanel sucks pls sub it would make me so happy 😭

  19. Miss Kawai says

    J'aime beaucoup ton travail ^^


    Hi I love ur channel and ur vids 😍u inspired me to make my first roblox music video 💜💗😍 love the way u make them

  21. evaaplayzzz :3 says

    I have a crush on someone…<3 i allways say"notice me!" But he dont care……..i think he like someone else bc i see him blushing with the mean gurl who bully me…..well he will be in my heart♡

  22. ADALYN SALWEI says

    my real name is Adalyn

  23. Itz_ LattePotato says

    This gurl started a yt channel and only got 2 views, GURL WAT DID YOU EXPECT, you just started like me, plz check out my yt😁

  24. XxLily_OmarxX says

    That’s so me

  25. shanaya playz says

    Her:what I only got 2 viewsMe:you don't get views so fast sis

  26. Mia Deloso says

    Pls do lucky music vid

  27. Blox Rocks says

    I luv this song

  28. Taco gaming says

    I like the originality

  29. Gacha_CarlUwU i LoVe UnIcOrNs says

    Me:scrolling down to see vidsAlso Me:sees vidme:clicks vidme:*shocked*me:woah i luv dis song dis is the secon time i watched did vid XD

  30. Minna Liis says


  31. Crystal The Loaf says

    Im not crying, you are.

  32. auddry gesta says


  33. auddry gesta says


  34. ROBLOX ROLEPLAY TeHee says

    https://youtu.be/MEl9pMya4Gg pls watche your my inspiration 🥺 read description

  35. shincinin Samurai says

    What do u deit wiht?

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