NYC Subway Travel Guide From a Local


25 Things you need to know before taking the NYC subway (especially helpful for tourists visiting with luggage)! Read more here: When I moved into my own apartment in NYC after college, the hardest thing I probably had to learn was getting around on the NYC subway, with boxes, bags, groceries, luggage you name it! I’ve learned a lot and made a lot of mistakes in the past 5 years and longer if you consider I grew up just outside the city, so please learn from my mistakes and watch this helpful guide! I also share my tips and tricks specifically for tourists to help you navigate the New York subway with luggage! I wish there was a guide like this for me before I moved. Please share the love if you enjoyed this video please subscribe and share it with your friends! Thank you, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Mary Ellen Lopez says

    I am a local

  2. Martin Shore says

    I just saw a video where you had a face mask with map of MTA on it. Where did you purchase it? Thanks.

  3. charlotte x says

    the reason i like ur video is the subtitles, good job !!!!!

  4. ruzzell907 says

    MTA workers that work in the booth have a simple job but take it for granted, they treat their customers poorly and they're extremely rude. Simply asking for help means getting screamed at, and all they do is just sit there, but not all, but many just have this behavior that they don't want to be bothered at all.I am discouraged to ask for assistance by MTA workers that work in the booth. They're supposed to serve the public, yet they lack proper etiquette and good customer service. Typical of the public sector.

  5. David Villa says

    4:10 that’s lies you don’t have to pay more because if u go downtown when u wanna go uptown you can take one stop downtown and get off and go from their to the uptown

  6. Genaro S. Jaramillo says

    You just got a new subscriber. Yet, I have enjoyed this video as a local who loves the subway. Worth every single minute as I am missing my daily subway commutes to work while we're in quarantine.

  7. King Super Saiyan says

    1:20 Smooth 😉

  8. Ana Duran says

    I know Alot of the subway

  9. Dino Andes says

    I hate when someone does #20.

  10. SneakyBoi Youtube says

    1:34 if you said green line people would ask you talking numbers or letters?Referring to 4 5 6 and G

  11. David W says

    The subway system of Toronto has less confusing names for stations, making it easier to distinguish among stations on the same street e.g. among those located on- Dundas St.: Dundas, St. Patrick and Dundas West- Eglinton: Kennedy (Eglinton East), Eglinton and Eglinton West- Sheppard: Sheppard West (formerly Downsview), Sheppard-Yonge

  12. Le9 says

    Subway eat fresh

  13. Al A says

    I know where I am going and know all the tricks of the trade. This is a video more geared towards visitors. If you've "mastered" NYC mass transit, you can probably master any other transit all over the world even if you do not know the language. Use a little common sense. Simple…

  14. pantsguy _ says

    Ah… nothing like a train with new adventures…

  15. Oscar Melgar says

    This video has beem sooo helpful!

  16. Juan C Martinez says

    You forgot to mention, never pull the emergency break.

  17. Henry says

    It’s the train…..

  18. Sara Muniza says

    You did really great, explaining the NYC subway. Great job!

  19. mata 101 says

    may i hop over if it past midnight?

  20. help me im an onion says

    This makes me thankful for how simple the london underground is to navigate

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