Nzm – "The default army" (official music video)


CODE Nzm2 in the item shop #AD

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This song was dedicated to the defaults as we rise to become king.

Anyway guys i hope you enjoyed the video and i will see you in the next video!

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  1. Swayzzz says

    Defaults are the best

  2. Swayzzz says

    Fire ?

  3. OX Bully says

    Yo nzm I hope you see thisI'm that XeldaVerox guyI like your content and I'm a lil srry of my toxicity xdAdd my discord to be in dms@OX Aspxct#8872

  4. criet ツ says

    Unhide me on stream

  5. OX Bully says

    ?I cant stop ?So funny

  6. InderAlfie R0N says

    Tiko you need to see this

  7. Jordan And Hope says

    Why the voice changer

  8. Jordan And Hope says

    Nice song ?????

  9. Bailey Abbott says

    No just no

  10. ジTRUSTY ツ says

    Nzm I’m with fish army but it’s ok if your with defaults and I’m with fishy 🙂

  11. Charlie YT says

    100 com

  12. Breezzy says

    Give me a member link

  13. TA Soma says


  14. RZR Harv FC says

    Drop A Like ?

  15. Coding says

    Better than despacito

  16. Harry Sprague says

    Fire ?

  17. cashxr says

    And if you ask I won your first solo custom yeaterday

  18. cashxr says


  19. cashxr says

    You sound so out of tune you nonse

  20. Iconic Blaze says

    Best song ever and you are the best nzm u are the goat keep grinding ? ?

  21. NmS says

    pls add autotune other than that its good

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