Ob/Gyn Reacts: Learning Health Info on TikTok


Reviewing GOOD TikTok health and medical & gynecologic information with Board Certified OBGYN – Danielle Jones, MD. TikTok is fun platform, but that doesn’t mean the information presented there is always accurate. We go through and correct misguided and/or questionably presented information, and take a minute to laugh. Follow me on TikTok:

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** The information in this video is intended to serve as educational information and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, contained in this video is for general information purposes only and does not replace a consultation with your own doctor/advanced practice provider. **



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  1. Mama Doctor Jones says

    Happy Monday! Sorry the video is late. Do y’all like a 7am CST or lunch time video upload??

  2. Angela Moore says

    Hi my name is Angela I would like to see a video on PCOS

  3. Caroline Taylor says

    And you can always check in with your local library if you need help with sources. 🙂

  4. Siren Dragon says

    Would taking a plan b pill while on bc pills work? Or would they cancel out each other?

  5. Maria Darazs says

    Can you make a video on natural family planning or fertility awareness method as you called it? I couldn't find a whole lot of what to do.

  6. Phoebe Fitchett says

    I didn’t know cervical mucus was a thing I thought it might be an infection or something like that I was planning on going to the doctor for it in the future my only sex Ed was my mum telling me about periods :/ so thanks for filling in the gaps in my sex Ed

  7. Leonie Schollmeyer says

    Checking discharge in combination with temperature was a popular method of birth control. I personally don't know anyone who didn't end up with an unwanted pregnancy.

  8. Raymond says

    There bugs on the roof? Why you keep looking there?

  9. Alyvia Kightlinger says

    Woah so there’s more to sex protection than condoms and birth control? Haven’t even heard of emergency contraceptives. So like if the condom breaks, you take the emer. contrac.?

  10. vic gauthier says

    i am on depo provera since i was 16 i am now 24, i want a know if that can make me infertile… i mean i will stay on it for more because my period was really not good. I dont want kid now but i will like to know if that can stop me for being fertile thank you love what you do

  11. Michael Page says

    Wow! The first adoption we had, we didn’t have that option and never looked into it again for the other 8 adoptions. Would have been nice to know

  12. Ashley Deane says

    Bro, why do I eat when I'm watching this channel?! You think I'd learn 🤦‍♀️

  13. snowspark says

    i just found your channel and thank you for just, educating me on things ive not been educated on

  14. aslrunner says

    When I first learned about cervical mucous and how it's consistency correlates to a woman's cycle and therefore fertility I was pissed off that they never taught us about it in sex ed. I assume it's because it's easier to keep you scared of unwanted pregnancies when you're ignorant of your own body's signals.

  15. Kitty Briso says

    Spermicides can BURN.

  16. mortician_mandi says

    I used a spermicide with pull out for a short period of time.

  17. Vivian Ojeda Chica says

    Hey mama doctor Jones, can you make a video about vaginal detox product.. I found one that names Goddess vaginal detox Pearl. And saw some videos of women that had uses. Can you tell me if this could work or could be harmfull..
    But here it the link.. hope you can see it..

  18. gabrielle kendrick says

    So what’s the difference between cervical mucus and vaginal discharge?

  19. Blah says

    Also, failure rates are odds of getting pregnant over a year, not per sexual encounter.

  20. noneofyour bussiness says

    alway take all information online with a bit of salt. not all will be true

  21. Kim Harrison says

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  22. Dr. Amzker rm -r /Brain says

    That thumbnail gesture 😂👍👍

  23. Alaia King says

    Glad no one told Serena joy about the domperidone 😶

  24. Anita David says

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  25. Coconut ScienceGirl92 says

    I’m just a nurse so please listen to this lady over me, but I remember in school they taught us that you can combine contraceptive methods (such as a condom and spermicide) it decreases the failure rates? Like you can combine the percentages they both work and get the exact percentage that using them both will give you?

  26. Anime Fandom says

    Hey! Im new here.
    Whats a ob/Gyn?

  27. Roma Whyte says

    Ella has been discontinued.

  28. Carissa Hope says

    Mama Doctor Jones! Speaking of discharge ever since I’ve had my period I’ve always had discharge that has a smell! And everyone that I’ve asked says I’ve had an infection but it’s the same way every month. What do you think? Is that normal?

  29. Sar Keen says

    That’s when I knew how to do it was mucus and yay where pregnant baby 2021

  30. RoPlays says

    How does this video still have ads

  31. Verdi771 says

    I can confirm the failure rate of VCF since we were using it when my second son was conceived as my ex refused to wear a condom since we were married and I had issues with the side effects from the pill.

    No regrets about my son though as I absolutely love him.

  32. Karen Garcia says

    Can you watch Jane the virgin please

  33. AlienWithABox says

    I've been using my discharge to predict my periods for years. Mine are just inconsistent enough that plotting them on a calendar is never quite accurate…but I can always tell via my discharge.

  34. Jumanah Idris says

    Would it be possible to induce lactation in cows and other animals? Even in humanitarian cruelity-free farms, calves are taken away from their mothers and to the slaughterhouse so that mass production is efficiently possible, and if we could just induce lactation in cows without waiting for them to get pregnant then seperate them from their calves, we could have actual, properly cruelity free mass produced milk.

  35. Charlotta Syren says

    Just Take A Pregnancy Test -shirt would be awesome <3 I would totally buy it!!!!

  36. Asassynation says

    Holy crap! The lactation thing is so cool! I didn’t know about that!

  37. Chloë D says

    Is it possible you could do a video on STI protection specifically for lgbt people? I feel like there’s just not a lot of good information out there about what the risk is and how to be safe when you don’t have a heteronormative sex life.
    Thank you if you can!!

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