The F2Freestylers met up with New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr to test out his soccer skills and to see how they deal with an NFL football!
F2Freestylers video:
NFL video:

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  1. ibuypanda says

    Honestly odell should do collabs

  2. Owen Lai says

    lynchs laugh still pisses me off till this day


    Odder is probably the best soccer player in the NFL

  4. Flórián Cződör says

    I hate when they Say soccer

  5. Mike Walker says

    He made that look so easy I don’t even think he tried

  6. mike mwendwa says

    I don't talk to anyone who calls football soccer

  7. Danio Botha says

    As a pro rugby player i can catch the ball also with one hand a rugby ball is a lot bigger then ń football

  8. manzilla48 says

    it's embarrasing how the keepers don't try to save

  9. Ricky Pat says

    amazing! those super star athletes can pratice a lot of diferents sports

  10. Rodrigo de lucca says

    Tão vendo muito desafio do travessão

  11. Danyal Khan says

    How their goalkeeper sooo trash

  12. BmoreMadeNate says

    They hyping obj up like their kicks aren't ??? as well!

  13. No 1 Like me says

    That football catch With his hamstring that’s impressive.

  14. Cameron Stewart-Syme says


  15. Omid Wahab says

    You could also call Odell Beckham Jr. OBJ

  16. Shashwat says

    Total crap

  17. Mario Perez says

    Ustedes solo a porteritos garras les meten gol traten de meterle goles así a un Courtois o a un ter stegen jajaja vamos a ver si pueden

  18. Jeremy Dowdy says

    Odell: * makes catch any 10 year old American sports player could make*F2: screams

  19. mynoxxx mira says

    What keeper do they hire?

  20. Ali Gilani says

    Even Odell Beckham is better than me at soccer/football

  21. Max Heinicke says

    suck ups

  22. AuraFN says

    that ronaldo SSSS wing span is pissing me off

  23. James Arnold says

    Anyone else watching in 2020

  24. James Erickson says

    No dduuuhhh coaches wanted him for pro leagues at age 10

  25. Gaming : says

    Cristiano and messi after watching this, what we have been doing for lot of years??

  26. WE takeURsoul14 says

    Hed be deadly keeper

  27. Joshua Daly says

    one haded catch has been perfected by drunk dads at the beach along time ago

  28. Scott Morgan says

    ?? football is life ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽ 1:43 ??❤ ??

  29. Stilyan Spasov says

    Make a video of him playing as a goalkeeper,considering his diving skills and handling he would be insane!

  30. Tandav Koushik says

    Y'all talking bout the catch but that feint penalty was sick af

  31. CeeJayy 19 says

    Should of been yung filly and chunks

  32. Treyvion Maio says

    Those goalies are ASSSSSS. My sister could have blocked those. Except for the penalty line up. Those were good.

  33. ClipzSauce says

    Dude he just has strong hands

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