Off The Wall Football Management Game | Football School (Northernlion Tries)


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Football School is a cartoony version of Football Manager where you handle every administrative and tactical aspect of managing a soccer team. Check it out!

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  1. Ben Colter says

    I’m just wondering if Jones negotiated a mini- series out of this “Northernlion tries”

  2. Wmets16 says

    This was great

  3. morganwaters says

    this was hilarious

  4. jarjab2games says

    Series when?

  5. Samuel says

    Its the art of the deal baby

  6. Vandan says

    NL: Art of (losing) the deal

  7. Mangaran WoW says

    This game somehow brings back memories of Football manager on the C64 and Nintendo World Cup on the Nes.

  8. Zelnoth says

    Nl getting fucked on the first negotiation was hilarious.

  9. Yes No maybe yes says

    Oh god what a great start

  10. Komatose Gaming says

    Holy cow that intro negotiation had me laughing so hard I woke up my wife.

  11. Ronald Duttweiler says

    NL commenting these games is amazing. He's just baffled by his team and it's the most amazing thing I've every heard. I was laughing so hard watching this.

  12. pking8786 says

    That club flag certainly looks like a part of a cat, but not it's paw. Also, player wage bill is $69 a week… Nice

  13. D S says

    The opening of this video is why i watch this man. Egg never ceases to make me laugh out loud at what he does hahahaha

  14. Nicholas Beshel says

    Loving this. Lmao

  15. Kurisu Kun says

    This is basically what Polish Ekstraklasa looks like irl

  16. COVID says

    Didn’t realize you had to bargain with Dan Gheesling at the beginning of the game

  17. Bowsah Babeh says

    If there is a way to break a tutorial, Ryan will find it like a heat-seeking missile.

  18. Chris Landy says

    this whole episode is a 'best of', lol

  19. MasterCobbles says

    I’d watch more

  20. everything will be ok says

    Negotiator Jones is the final boss of NL canon

  21. Sam says

    This game is not very good but I would be more than down to see other sports manager games on the channel

  22. Chaz Domingo says

    NL might finally get a tan if he spends more time in that training facility.

  23. Kasper Larsen says

    I'm not sure if that negotiation was the fall or the rise of our time

  24. Eidenhoek says

    I'm the first person to comment on that opening negotiations being super hilarious.
    Edit: Wait, that was THE TUTORIAL?

  25. Steady B says

    I'm calling the ref out on that last goal!

  26. Shrapnel_Sponge says

    Jones is living in 3020 against NL's Boomer 2020 strats

  27. Mankus100 says

    i hate this game, see ya in the next video

  28. Carlos Castellon says

    Good content, give us couple more of these a short and sweet

  29. koob1413 says

    this game is mostly menus.

  30. John Joe Elkington says

    The nostalgia is off the charts

  31. gravecactus says

    this commentary had me laughing 🙂 you could probably do a brief series or stream of this.

  32. litapd311 says

    who would win: a regionally significant esports superstar that has played hundreds of games

    or: one negotiating boi

  33. Joseph Reinke says

    Bwahahahahahahah, I kept thinking where the hell is the football at? Then realized we're talking futbol. Didn't even notice the screen grab for the video still.

  34. kafrika says

    2:003:30. Got about 7 mins of laughter from me and the two I shared it with. I call that efficient

  35. Ace Hardy says


  36. faustianWhitney MamieBolton says


  37. Brycen Stratton says

    A textbook pass!

  38. Bananal says

    First and last 3 minutes are the kind of flavor I love most out of NL Tries

  39. Larissa Borowiec says

    I want a full playthrough lol

  40. Juan Cruz Lopez Bellagio says

    Jones 2020

  41. Ben Lavine says

    I haven't laughed this hard in months!

  42. Rhino_Aus says

    A R T O F T H E D E A L

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