Official Android 10 Update: New Features!


The OFFICIAL Android 10 Update is here for Google Pixel phones! Android 10 has new gesture navigation, a DARK mode, and more! Subscribe for more:

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  1. Im bored says

    Hi is j4+ will get an update??

  2. ninos binno says

    Android os love the functionality mostly. But cmmon google android wtf. You remove phone call recording. You remove sim band control and signal throttling. Supposedly for our security. Wtf. How about you contain useless app permissions. So if an app wants access to storage it gets access only to the folders it creates unless you specifie. This is by far the biggest android flaw. Totally stupid.. Apple still sux lol

  3. Otsile M says

    Ah. Nearly a year later and Samsung's just pushed this out for my region. Nice /s

  4. Mr. Ice says

    My phone is android 9.0 pie ?

  5. meh meh says

    What is the system size of Android 10? I need to know…. Thanks

  6. StumptownDave says

    The notch on that Pixel was obnoxious! It distracted me from the video, other than that great job!

  7. thebigbry says

    Recent apps now are in actual separate cards that you have to scroll entire screen side to side to see rather than being stacked so you can see all at once. FAIL

  8. thebigbry says

    Now when you drag down the shutter it moves all the quick buttons to the bottom rather than under your finger you have to move down to use them. BRILLIANT.May I add how annoying it is that Google also resets all the alert notifications, spyware.

  9. thebigbry says

    Just showed up today on USA TMobile lgg7. Again Android changes nothing for the better. Maybe dark mode but when you open something that has a light colored button with writing, sick as "submit" can you see it? Other than that, look you have gestures that do exactly what the 3 buttons at the bottom do better.

  10. it's NeErU says

    Which month' has be updated my nokia 3.1 phone from Android 10 version

  11. Tunable Ranger says


  12. Jeremiah Quitorio says

    Android 10 is Android Quake! LoL

  13. ThatsJustEric says

    Video starts at 2:30

  14. Aamina Essack says

    How do u split your screen using the gestures button

  15. sniper300meter pubgplayer says

    Samsung a50 is now updated to android 10…thanks for this info

  16. Abdullah Shourav says

    Make a vedio on Android 10 slow charging solution after updating from Android 9 in Samsung galaxy A50s

  17. electronic w help says

    Lenovo k10 ne 10 android

  18. Alexander Jr Manguiob says

    Android 10 made my Galaxy S9 laggy specially for games!!!Are they copying the iPhone Scheme?

  19. Paul Bors says

    The puzzle behind the Easter egg is simply a big pixalated Q (numbers on row show the nr of pixels per row) but once solved you get another puzzle to solve

  20. TechMuna says


  21. Elly Gichengo says

    Thanks. learned a lot.

  22. Jefferson Thabah says

    Did they take the suggestion option off on home screen setting?… Cuz I don't like the suggested apps above my app drawer

  23. David Suazo says

    if u hide the notch it still pushes the notifications down???

  24. Sad Entity says

    Realme 5 when they updated to A.18 of the color OS already had dark mode, using it right now. I'm worried about the size of the update though it might eat all of my storage.

  25. southchinaseawater says

    The new full screen gesture is why I want Android Q

  26. FlightSimMovie says

    Schofield please help me break fox river prison.

  27. talha shah says

    This android 10 update is actually pretty good fam

  28. Ахмад Самир - арабский язык с арабом says

    android 10 is better naming


    How is naming your os after treats even a good idea? Android 10 sounds much better.

  30. Joku Sekou says

    Clean video

  31. Tokagoya Inc says

    Jerks I just bought a android 9pie phone wtfff. Probably don't want this big brother spy device. Google is evil.

  32. Mevlüt Can says

    Everything in this video has been available on xiaomi devices since a year ago

  33. Double Jae says

    They could have named it andriod Quaker oats.

  34. Jawara! says

    Mine is 9 and it looks like patreon

  35. Yasser Sissaoui says

    Sometimes i forgot how ugly is the pixel 3

  36. stream snipe meialua1989 says

    How to unistall android 10 updater my phone blocket

  37. Thiago Silva says

    To get the easter egg properly double tap, but hold the second tap

  38. Brian Torreon says

    I recently updated. Did they remove the screen calling? I sure do miss that. Let me know if anyone knows how I can trigger that back on

  39. Phillishia S says

    Hmmm those gesture are not coping Apple at all?? whatev cool

  40. Shad mohd says

    How can i update officially

  41. 老伯斯Laobros says

    very informative!!

  42. Mahabub Alom says

    mi a2 lite update 10 release date

  43. Oreo• マーク says

    Why my phone isn't updating i think it would not update but i expect that all one ui phones will update android 10 but its been a while!

  44. Ryan Bandy says

    Will the note 10 have android 10?

  45. Jan Cael says

    lol if you're a Nokia user you know that most of these features are from Nokia.

  46. Gino Guillermo says

    No " Close All" apps feature? No NFC shortcut toggle? Schedule feature for blue light filter?

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