Official Music Last Of Me ft. RUNN [Arknights Soundtrack] – Steve Aoki


Biting cold wind blaze a path for the ones in the dark.

The official music video of Arknights’ fourth music collaboration song – Last of Me is out now. A big S/O to two-time Grammy-nominated DJ/Producer @Steve Aoki for all the support and this beautiful track. We hope the video truly touches you and also give you the connection with how you feel when you read the story of Episode 6.

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Arknights is a strategic RPG mobile game with a fantasy theme.

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  1. Ega says

    If frostnova get touched the one who touch it Will be freeze instantly. So why the reunion didn't get freeze?

  2. gang GUCCI says

    We are freedom ?JP??

  3. Arnault Bertley Urbayan says

    If this was a movie

  4. Sunday Art says

    Take back all the new operators. Just return to Frostnova alive.

  5. Nizar Abdillah says

    please petition to make frostnova as rhodes operator so we can smile again together with her.

  6. AlBeZel CZ says

    This is the best video I have ever seen. This made me start playing arknights.

  7. Mandros says

    @ 1:44 Doctor x Frostnova confirmed?

  8. Renegade says

    10/10 vfx

  9. wafflepiepancake says

    Dude this animation nearly made me tear up. It's…beautiful. Especially this part of the story too

  10. Athollah A A says

    1:32 The moment when you must pay the cost of war

  11. Giganfan1 & everyone else says

    Oh my gosh…..I haven't gotten that far into the game yet..

  12. Black arrow says

    Just make it and anime already!

  13. Maass says

    Vale verga la vida

  14. Showi Mas Ageng A. says

    I hope they make this game for PS4/PS5 with original story' and mmorpg gameplay ITS gonna be the best game u have everplay in my life and this grafik is so wonderful i can find this ini another game like azurlane and honkai impact

  15. Phantom says

    Reunion – When zerg main tries terran

  16. Ashchi Salleh says

    Oh cool

  17. 紅魔 says


  18. jon says

    This is insane, animation.

  19. michael anthony cavinta says

    This is what gonna happen when government abandon disease todayAnyways stay safe everyone be like doktah have safety gear even inside

  20. 繭墨優雨 says


  21. 咳嗽欧洲星 says

    money , money , money and money ?

  22. ツLewDis says

    Im probably sure frostnova killed more of reunion members than lungmen guards

  23. Dedy Arief says

    I guess this is all our money goes for lol

  24. Jim says


  25. ゆっくり神国 says


  26. Mitchell Mitting says

    Goddaaaaamn that was fucking badass!Where can I find more?!

  27. Yunyun says

    If you could only put that much effort for Azur Lane too though…

  28. Nana Ichi says

    sounds like Arknight will have E-sport competition

  29. NO Video 10,000 subscribe Callange says

    Oh that cringe feeling coming back when I was 14 years old

  30. Xuân Bách says

    That Drop

  31. Chaika Gaz says

    never heard of arknights… is it a mobile game?

  32. SAO KiritoKun says

    Just why, u could've just joined rhodes island why u didn't….

  33. ihatescammers 247 says

    I’m at her boss right now oh nooo

  34. Richard Crooker says

    And new anime song?

  35. edi says

    That chick has an interesting haircut. I thought that she had lost an eye.

  36. KaMo says

    I'm kind of sad that I'm not strong enough yet to beat Chapter 5. It will take some time before I can finally move on to Chapter 6.

  37. Visa Vang says

    So PS5, Series X, PC? K. Cool. wink*wink

  38. Joachim Bonus says

    Now when's the anime?

  39. Qwerk y says

    i know where all the money came from yostar.. i know

  40. Tobi san says

    I hope we have not seen the last of you Frost Nova.

  41. Ramen AMVs says

    That was amazing!

  42. Rempai says

    All of the hard work from the Whales have brought us this beauty.

  43. Shonen Pirate says

    I'm starting to doubt that I'm playing a tower defense game at this point

  44. HaSTaxHaX says

    God I don't even ask for a full anime but… Maybe 1 or 2 ovas per chapter?? (Wait 6×2 is already 12… well never mind)

  45. Supersonic Saint says

    I don't like 3D anime. I would love this anime to be 3D if like this. Wait… When's the anime coming ?

  46. Jack Frost says

    Wish they would make a RTS of arknights cause lets be honest we all want to see more than just the operators in this we also want to see se of the personnel in arknights to let us get a feel of how serious everything is in he middle of the fight instead of just placing operators in positions to defend we need to see our units and also the normal units like the guards, medics and scouts attack the enemy instead of us just waiting for them along with some missions like extraction and infiltration

  47. Madana Yunda says

    If Arknights were 3D tower defense game be like:

  48. Kurushima Kun says

    She is alive!!!!In mah heart?

  49. Qwinn says

    I would like to play it, but with just F2P team u cant do anything…

  50. Izuki Midoriya says

    I wish the make MOBA.. I wish for santa yostar

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