OG SKIN Fortnite Fashion show! (Winner = Vbucks)


Fortnite Fashion Show – Best OG skins, emotes + MORE!
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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

Source: https://cyrrion.com
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  1. Leon Gywn says

    1v1 me Ryanjlove1231

  2. SpartanHalo 184 says

    Bro, the u said the elite agent and the season 3 twitch prime skins weren't rare enough, elite agent was second last skin in the season 3 battle pass and like I said, the twitch prime was also in season 3

  3. Gemma Fee says

    Team members

  4. Samantha Aiyegbusi says

    Can you please add me

  5. Bike Life says

    one of the best combos not from the vid but i think that sparkle specialist with black night shield and reneghade raider pickaxe wit h scenario dance

  6. Eli_ReplazYT says


  7. Frankie O'Toole-Nicholls says

    Very awesome surprise yea yea ?

  8. Tilly rose Sheridan pinches says

    Why could they not have done deafalt

  9. Andrew D Ferguson says


  10. imran farhan says

    Ali a: OG skins onlyAlso Ali a: being harsh and kind???But most importantly: NOT LETTING ELITE AGENT AND HAVIC GO THROUGH ?????????

  11. Kenwon Sydnor says

    Gulltrooper came out on Halloween

  12. Bradley Hallisey says

    2 dudes snuck thought

  13. Feeon says

    The most og dance in fortnite the flapper. The last sparkle specialist had it.

  14. Steve Manz says

    Dark knight what the f

  15. Lukes awsome Channel says

    Ali that ski skin is actually rare there is twelve varieties and from season two

  16. Fishy Tx says


  17. Joseph Rodriguez says

    Alia killed many og skins

  18. King Gingy says

    you let easter skin threw but not eliet agent

  19. Keyboard and Mouse progression says

    8:43 and the floss ?me in confusion

  20. Ronald’s Fan says

    He killed fearless ??

  21. Lil Kia 2 Darrough says

    Ali a

  22. Kawg Vang says

    Um I think he hates fe4rless

  23. Mateusz Cieslak says

    Ur thrash

  24. mimoza agolli says

    The most OG emote in the world is the Dance moves I think everyone agrees on that

  25. Susie Ahn says

    I use code Alia

  26. leila adam says

    Og dances : floss number1-ride the pony-orange justice

  27. Swady10 RBLX says

    The spaces ones r allowed but not Elite Agent? What?!

  28. Lawson 535 says


  29. E B says

    Lol 2nd place was a YouTuber xdogged

  30. Santiago Serratos says

    Ali-A needs to learn his skins

  31. Sabina Rizvanovic says

    You killed a season 0 skin brooooooooooo

  32. Paul Harvey says

    Another YouTuber said your trash at Fortnite

  33. qt uwu says

    How about hype

  34. Saim Butt says

    Did u guys he got fooled by season 10 version sparkle specialist

  35. Henry Samuel says

    Like your vids

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