Oh wow! New year, new browser | BROWSER FOR COMPUTER | OPERA


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We’re entering the new year with a new browser! Opera 50, our milestone round edition, comes with an innovative anti-Bitcoin mining tool, extended VR 360 support for Oculus, Chromecast and a bunch of other cool features.

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  1. Professor Moriarty says

    Just tried the opera web browser it was cluttered it was trying to be a desktop and not a web browser. It got in my way of web browsing. I wanted to browse the web with a web browser but it was cluttered like a a database rather than a web browser. What an horrible sensation I will not be doing that again! could not wait to get it out of my way. I uninstalled the program I never want to see that thing again ever! why not just have a web browser what is all the clutter for? I posted this on Dissenter https://dissenter.com/comment/5c8fd8b736bbce69908a82eb

  2. Jason Jefferies says

    Hi 5

  3. Shooveli Alt says


  4. Слава Лу says

    Ни одна ссылка на сайт не работает. Опера 36.0.2130.80 для Windows XP 32-bit пишет: На сайте opr. as используется неподдерживаемый протокол. Спасибо! Удружили!!!… 🙁

  5. Фарид Еналиев says

    Мой сот +79872057399

  6. Фарид Еналиев says

    Appl Travels Бизнес.Для всех

  7. Shadle Guy says

    I have a marketing pitch: sponsor schools so that the default browser at school computers is opera. Then perhaps when kids get home, they say "oh wow, that opera browser is pretty neat. I'm going to install it on my computer." The parents will see it, check it out, see it's pretty neat, and boom. Families switch to opera. Schools are always doing whatever possible to raise money, so you could also go out and personally BUY computers for poorer schools, and do a Facebook and pretend you're just giving to give, but in reality you're just bringing in more users and traffic, while also possibly getting on the news and spreading word about your browser. I really want this browser to succeed in the future, because I feel that if people know this exists, people will use it because it is arguably the best browser out there. Just hire me as your marketing chairman already lol

  8. Amid Diak says

    My first used browser and my preferred ONE.

  9. XzA says

    Very good. Most popular browser in Poland, where i live 🙂

  10. Lion says

    Your VPN Service is not Safe.i want say to Opera User: Please be careful and see this pagei want say to Opera Team: Please see and Fix your Bugshttps://thebestvpn.com/chrome-extension-vpn-dns-leaks/Reply

  11. Umber Nawaz Khan says

    why don't you have HTTPS everywhere build in your web browser?

  12. Brando Almonacid says

    Opera, si pudieras agregar el traductor seria de gran ayuda! C:

  13. Aurobindo Ghosh says

    wow, i love trying new products. i will use opera from now on after using the same shit chrome and firefox since eons

  14. Khan Phtan says


  15. vladapt says

    Regardless of the advantages of this Opera browser, this is one of the most annoying and least informative ads I've seen.A big ? for "Oh wow" stupidity.

  16. ryunosuke takumi says

    I love opera!

  17. TheOnlineGam4r says

    better than chrome or fiefox for me so much speedy

  18. Juan Joubert says


  19. JamoPak says

    best browser hands down

  20. Pablo Sánchez says

    me encanta Opera

  21. Emthesage EMM says

    indeed, I love it but suddenly…… I have youtube double audio unsynchronized!!!! whats going on opera?

  22. Shadow says

    And what about Opera Neon?

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