OK Go – WTF? – Official Video


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Official video for “WTF?” by OK Go
Director: Tim Nackashi and OK Go

Check out HTF? – the making of WTF?

Source: https://cyrrion.com
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  1. Leech Soup says


  2. just the tips says

    that one person who uses pointer trails on his mouse:

  3. Nolan Hall says

    When you get a strike in bowling

  4. EggnullSandwich says

    When you go out of bounds in a video game.

  5. SrGabie! says

    1:50 What I do at recess basically

  6. A change says

    Me and the boys messing with the 4th dimension

  7. Godzilla Rider Gamer says

    nonono, they are just portraying the terrible occasional glitch with compooters!

  8. Bruno Felipe says

    this video invented tik tok

  9. GamerGuy88 says

    my brain at 4 am

  10. brian wong says

    When you broke the 4th wall in HL2.

  11. theepiktortilla says

    when you move while doing a panorama

  12. Michael Tropf says

    The picture when I move while someone’s taking a panorama

  13. Yandra Castillo says

    God, I can't pay attention to the song, I didn't know any song for the videos

  14. GhostlyBanes says

    This is living evidence that you don't need drugs to get high.

  15. Hyper Fox09 says

    This is the closest we can get to seeing in four dimensions

  16. The Z Family says

    I remember this… ahh… the old days

  17. Mara says

    2020's Anthem: "WTF" lol

  18. Drama Monkey says

    Holy shit this is one of my favorite songs and i didn't even know it existed until i looked at more of the songs

  19. Felix Bramley says

    I’ve never missed depth perception more than right now

  20. MisterJohnsonCruise says

    OK Go will invent an own colour

  21. Edward Tu says

    This is a rare OK GO MV which limited by BUGET, which others are limited by PHYSICS

  22. Eva Zsigmond says

    i had such a massive crush on the singer when i was younger and i rediscovered them and that hasn’t changed lol

  23. NO_startrails says

    I must have clipped out of the map

  24. Edward Zweyer says

    Just this normal everyday trip into the 4th dimension, nothing wierd here.

  25. Samson Liu says

    Lol you can see the video compression algorithm really suffering

  26. jowordyn says

    when you turn off onion skin mode

  27. semisapien says

    What in the sweet name of salvia us happening?

  28. Lukas says

    source maps without skybox be like

  29. Zir Jaeger says

    You: do anythingInternet Explorer:

  30. Mireya Romanowsky says

    Watch the video again and imagine it with no background ?

  31. FoxLord Does Art And Stuff says

    WTF? Is right. WTF is happening?

  32. Respawned Geek says

    That one person on the zoom call…

  33. Da pillow King says

    Who got this from osu

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