Marko and Alex’s French Canadian journey begins in Old Montreal, with some history over craft beers & delicious food.


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– Le Cartet:
– Chez Jerry:
– Montreal Brewpub Experience:
– Mimi la Nuit:
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  1. Klarissa Clairiton says

    By the way, the introduction to old Montreal shows the back of a statue – the likeness on the statue is of an English Speaking Montrealer. He had something important to do with the development of the port. It is the John Young monument.

  2. rc canucks says

    Them two guys seem way to close hahahha maybe 5hey shower together hahahha

  3. spiegel says

    Saw your video and I just booked a nice hotel for 2 night in Montreal arriving July 3. Can't wait. The food is going to be so good. You guys forgot to get Montreal Smoked Meat and bagels – 2 of the biggest specialties here. And the pastries look beyond amazing. I think I can gain 6 pounds over 3 days.

  4. Nukka Za says

    4:43 , miss these guys 4:43

  5. Leo Loves owls says

    You should try traditional Montreal smoked meat! A lot of people go to a place called Schwartz, but if you have time, i'd recommend going to Terrebonne and trying a place called BYGS. You're going to love it!

  6. Tomahawk1999 says

    shittiest place to live. frozen 8 months of the year. stop scamming people by showing them snippets.

  7. Gurpreet Singh says

    NYC one

  8. canadianhaitian says

    Thank you for showing it this. I miss it so much so nostalgic?

  9. Dedel Hines says

    I’ve been there last summer. I’m planning to come back there with my hubby next time.

  10. Mathieu Arsenault says

    If you come back and go to Saint Bock again you should try Zyng the restaurant in front, it's delicious. It's basically a subway with Asian noodles. You have to get up and bring your bowl to a place where you fill your bowl of ingredients and choose your sauce and noodles and they prepare it from what you decided to put in your bowl.

  11. Antonio Hebert says

    First of all, I have to say, I don’t travel anywhere without first binging Vagabrothers. Such inspiring, artistic and practical content. Winning combination. Secondly, if I have four days in Montreal, is it worth it to make a day trip to Quebec City?

  12. Tracey Mars says

    Wow you can eat a lot in a single sitting :)! Lobster roll looks delish!

  13. Mouhamed Dib says


  14. Dan F says

    Things you don't see in this video (as a Montrealar), traffic, construction, the dumbest politics, well that's for the whole province of Quebec and the -25c weather in the winter lol.

  15. Porcia N says

    Great breweries in the plateau too.

  16. •Sunnie Flower• says

    Petit déjeuner.Oh I love that word uwu

  17. Darcy Haag says

    This will always be my fav vlog. Much love guys ✌?

  18. Ruhi Khan says

    Thank you for made very beautiful vedio

  19. Oliver Söderberg says

    So If I land in Quebec will I automatically start speaking Quebecois? lol if only

  20. jose #1 says

    There like were just eating the bun were taking the winnie home lol.

  21. Somewhere Upthere says

    No one here or even in French calls it M-on-treal. We always pronounce it M-un-treal.

  22. ABHINAV MEHTA says

    what's the name of song at 2:00 pls let me know if anyone know

  23. Merc puktun says

    Montreal girls are the most beautifulBeen to Calgary, Vancouver and toronto. When it comes to beauty its only Montreal. And they are very open minded easy to make friends

  24. Brandy Lynn Montreal and Beyond says

    OH! Beautiful Montreal! I relocated here and have such a love for this city. I have lived and traveled all around the USA and love some of the places I have been, but nothing is like Montreal. I have created a channel for Montreal called Brandy Lynn: Montreal and Beyond. This channel is great for anyone wanting to visit or move to Montreal or a local who just wants to rediscover a love for their city. Check it out. I always follow back.

  25. Tiff Prendergast says

    No poutine?

  26. Charissa West says

    Sad to see Jerry’s and Mimi’s are permanently closed. My daughter and I are going to Montreal next month and I’m looking for the best things to see and do during our short trip. Enjoyed your video!

  27. Phoenix CDB says

    Pretty sure you guys are no strangers to incest.

  28. Diamond Light Warrior says

    That breakfast looks like a heart attack waiting to happen

  29. Ibikari1 says

    One of my best travel channel, very detailed and high standard/quality

  30. R PM says

    Montreal….The smoothest town on one side of the big grey lake…..

  31. Huixtocihuatl says

    Thanks for trying to speak French. It's really appreciated!

  32. Deborah Linton says

    I am a Montrealer born and bred – thank you for this awesome VLOG.

  33. Michie YT says

    You have to go to saute mouton

  34. Hariklia Plastourgos says

    I HATE Montreal !!!

  35. Portly Travellers says

    Great job showing Montreal. Best things about your food blogs is you actually eat the food. Often people take 2 bites and say they are too full. Lol you guys look like you experience it and love it.

  36. Yosief Abraha says

    Resist place Montreal

  37. bug Den says

    jai u le plaisir detre ne a Montreal my family left in 1968 apres l'expo 67 , learned a lot in this video , where i live now is very hot fl , now we are in the 108 feel like temps ,,,,,big difference ,,,,thanks for partager hey hey

  38. Anka Swiderska says

    Montreal is not only about food and beer, I love this city, i live here for 30 years and there is more to it than consumption

  39. Francis Guay says


  40. ed china says

    hate Montreal.NAZI MECCA

  41. De Argentina a Canadá says

    Awesome video guys!

  42. Gino Casha says

    Gents, this link is not what you think it is? http://chezjerry.ca/

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