Olympic Wrestler Jordan Burroughs’ Gold Medal Workout | Train Like | Men's Health


World Champion Wrestler Jordan Burroughs takes you through the explosive conditioning circuit he uses in his Olympic training. Watch more Men’s Health Train Like a Celebrity videos HERE:


1. Fanbike Interval Sprints (10 rounds of 20-second sprints)

1A. Pullups (20 Reps)
1B. Band-Resisted Step-And-Press (30 Seconds)
2A. Chinups (20 Reps)
2B. Band-Resisted Snap Downs (30 Seconds)

1. Battle Rope Alternating Steps (3 Sets of 30 Seconds On, 30 Seconds Off)
2. Battle Rope Double Slams (3 Sets of 30 Seconds On, 30 Seconds Off)

1. Moving Stance Drills (30-Second Rounds)

1. 5 Counter Offense Attacks


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  1. B W says

    My training consists exclusively of hugging Uzbek men

  2. Nicholas Ali says

    Now we gotta see if he can transition into the big show, UFC not WWE???

  3. funsize198 says

    163? How does his 163 look more jacked than my 207? Lol

  4. VikingFitness says

    not full range on pull ups? not hating just wondering why they might do the shorter range ?

  5. Kean Performance says

    Those Bulgarian sandbags are an awesome bit of kit for training.Love it!

  6. Law Farrell says

    Now this is more like it Men’s Health! I was a bit worried you might be covering snoop dogg next.

  7. TheGooglySmoog says

    Can anyone tell me where I can get bands with the grips?

  8. Bilal Saeed says

    Finally a real workout and not itty bitty celebrity workouts.

  9. Wonder Man says

    Old man got some big thighs

  10. Saint Wonka says

    No place like N

  11. Roman Rios says

    I want to see this guy in UFC

  12. kntwing.23 says

    those ears?

  13. Jinkai Huang says

    NOW This is what real workout and video that will inspire ppl, not some white rapper playing around

  14. Isaac Kim says

    The modern day GOAT

  15. Jakson Newberry says

    One of the best all around athletes there is hands down.

  16. Big Fish says

    When he going to the UFC?

  17. moderatesunited says

    I can't train like him unless you tell me his ped stack.

  18. afro_raikage32 says

    Why isn't this guy crossed over to mma yet

  19. muoian says

    Wrestlers are fire ! More wrestlers please ! Female wrestlers too

  20. Marlon Derilus says

    Wrestling Goat

  21. Hein Noordewind says

    FU mens health for going after Rogan

  22. Vacation_Yachts_Tour says

    nice video keep it up???thumb up if you like the video ????

  23. Chase Harbold says

    Go Nebraska

  24. Marco Krüger says

    Can you please make a video about Stephen Amells prep time for Arrow?

  25. mghitu says

    This gives me some ideas

  26. Logan C says

    That’s good news

  27. Ethan D says

    Bruh this is hella simplified this man grinds way harder then shown here on the video. You do wrestling coach gonna have you wanting to die. I cant imagine what this man doing off screen.

  28. John Christian says

    Let’s see more of Jordan! The GOAT!

  29. Keith N says

    go big red

  30. krishna shetwe says

    You telling me this is his Olympic gold workout. ?

  31. Deborah Kim says

    They did him dirty with that thumbnail . ?… but, He’s still??

  32. black vigo says

    who cares if you are first watch the video and get going

  33. Kxnine FN says

    41 views 9 likes 0 dislikes

  34. Soham Gupta says


  35. sahil khemka says


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