OMK – Is That Chicken on the Runway?! Kalen Reacts to Peculiar Fashion Show


Kalen Allen reacts to a peculiar fashion show filled with chicken feet, dishware, and carpets being worn as fashion. Watch all-new episodes of OMKalen every

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  1. Ladarius Cox says

    Girl that’s whole ass fool 😂

  2. waad rejaibi says

    If this is fashion… I don’t want it 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Alex Najera says

    Ok is it me or are fashion shows turning into costume shows instead as time goes on?

  4. The Normal Life says

    Did she have Donald trump on her shoes? Lol

  5. daisy r. says

    You need your own talk show!!!!! Asap

  6. Katie - Marie says

    “Girl that’s a whole ass pool” 😂😂😂

  7. Lauren Daniels says

    "We were rooting for you, we were ALL rooting for you!" 😂

  8. DimpleEyes says

    🤯SAY WHAT!!! Can someone PLEASE explain to me why a person would call this fashion.

  9. Nisa Rojas says

    That sparkly outfit was the only decent one

  10. jasmin sanders says

    Absolutely not!!!!!! Hahahaha

  11. The Guy From Walgreens says

    What in the hell is going on with this "fashion"? There is no one…NO ONE… rocking any of this BS anywhere. I don't know which one I would consider "good".

    The only ones worth anything may have been the women with the rubber chickens. The one with the spoon was almost ok. Kalen…the "dumpster diving at Goodwill" was worth the thumbs up alone. You are too damn funny!

  12. Stacie Ward says

    How do they consider this fashion?

  13. PJ The DJ says

    can u do a link for these videos?

  14. lollipop baby says

    "Is that a pacifier" 😂😂😂

  15. Violette Raymond says

    The one with the plates looks like Raman noodles

  16. Lois Anthony says

    Wt kind of laptop u using? Love d color.

  17. manish konwar says

    How is this not human rights violation????

  18. Eunice Grijalva says

    How they use the 🚽 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  19. JJfireflame Hamilton says

    “And the kitchen won”😂😂😂😂

  20. Not Telling says

    “Girl with the spoon, I found the plates” that had me rolling 😂😭

  21. Emily Mura says

    i SCREAMED when the pool lady came out BHAHAHA


    LOL All those models looked like  and walked like they were regretting accepting this fashion show. This can't be a real fashion show.  NO WAY!!!!!

  23. Yaya says

    2:32 her whole toes are hanging out the shoe, girl bye with the real chicken feet

  24. Halle Cooper says

    1:00 Girl with the spoon I found the plates! HAHAHA! Girl it look like you had a fight with the kitchen…and the kitchen WON.

  25. 1234 5678 says

    Trick-or-treat that's what them outfits look like!!!

  26. Clairvoyant for the soul Renee Kendall says


  27. Carrie Wright says

    WTF. They call this fashion?
    You can't even walk in it, let alone sit. And tits hanging out for everyone to see? I think not.
    Dear gawd.

  28. Alia says



    The pool omg! I'm dying

  30. linzee harmon says

    That is worse than the fingers from Spy Kids 😂

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