One of the best powerful martial art fight scene ever (1080p Bluray)


A martial art fight scene from the movie “Rise OF the legend” is full of action. This movie based on a real story of an orphan, whose father has been killed by dark power, attempts to bring justice back to the town.

Movie: Rise of the Legend
Year: 2014
Director: Roy Hin Yeung Chow

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  1. horayiso says

    Calm down bois it's a martial arts movie, not real life. Fighting cinema is good, not too much effects, and give me the mortal kombat feel.

  2. Brilliant Beauty34 says

    This movie is EPIC!!!! I love every second of this movie. I have watched it several times and love it more each time.#RiseOfALegend

  3. Its Me says

    too much FAKE, its a good inspirational fight from Jet Li's Fearless scene but too much fakeness it just ruined it all. (you cant hold on to a sword like that while swinging that hard impossible lol)

  4. proud shia says


  5. K M says

    Oh jesus

  6. Nexus Alex says

    Martial Arts or Mortal Kombat? ??

  7. knightmare the NJ punisher says

    Perfect for mortal kombat

  8. Aloysius Pendergast says

    this doesn't even come close to being "one of the best", full of cgi and wire-fu, wtf dude

  9. Alex Supremo says

    Too much BS

  10. Joshua Becker says

    Lol at the end I swear he walked into the sword

  11. Some White says


  12. 54markl says

    Goddammit, he beheaded himself! Ouch!

  13. Migel Morales says

    Ñame of the movie

  14. Killa Bee says

    No way near the best!!!!

  15. justkaalo justkaalo says

    Jet Li did this first..Like Diddy, this is a remix lol

  16. G Leebolt says

    Bad ass! I like the wave motion effect w the slow motion sequences, and his eyes turning red from the blow 2 the head pulled me in.. I am going find and watch this one right now

  17. Popeye says

    In fucking sane!

  18. Benami Ark says

    Birds shouldn't be kept in cages.

  19. Isle Cyclops says

    COME ON MAN… watch JET LI and JACKIE CHAN fighting each other in the TEMPLE scene (the forbidden kingdom)now that was fantastic… this is average.

  20. Enki Merlin says

    this was good but Fearless did this much better

  21. edward williams says

    DAMMMM!..Talk about fatality…this Sh&* is brutal. Nice to see a great movie with consequences from blows delivered. Most of the movies now days just show fung fu stances and posturing,with little else to show for the ending jestures. Good action and technique…I'll have to find the entire movie on Blu ray sometimes.

  22. Sean Long says

    Xneoverse 2 be like 0:54 Super God Fist

  23. the X men says

    What the fuck i didnt like the way he died and efect one his face when he get hit ..too much side efect are bad .id give this 3/10 no more

  24. Time Travel says

    Vinaya vidheya rama copied from this movie.

  25. NyteBlaydr Ng says

    Best martial art scene? LOl it is a computer generated action effects not real skills.. I stick and prefer to Bruce lee type, an era where no computer effects were added


    @ :46, Yeah, he swings SO HARD, it causes the AIR to move so much, it distorts the background…Whatever… LAME…Beyond the fact that it's CGI, it only can be done at SUPER SLOW Speed, for the effect….LAME

  27. Smite Mamaia says

    Name of the movie

  28. HEMENTH ASHOK says

    I don't feel bad…its good to watch

  29. Sathibabu Rajamandry says


  30. Mark Hills says

    Dats pressure fo yo ass

  31. Mohd Rehan says

    Whats movie name

  32. George says

    Oh My God.

  33. Azeem uddin says

    Tell me the name of this movie?

  34. Neeraj Burnwal says

    Raid 2 end fight scenes n Donni yen all fight scene

  35. kill cap says


  36. Ben Gamin says


  37. SuicidalMistakez says


  38. IrishAndroid says

    Got a strong feeling punching with your wrists does more harm to you than your opponent.

  39. ame7272 says

    Is his head okay though? lol

  40. Kevin Capone says

    What movie is this

  41. Boobie Brand says

    That fat man asked to die,

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