OnePlus 8 Android 11 Beta: Worth it?? ?


The Android 11 beta has launched, and that means the next version of the OS has opened up to a handful of non-Pixel devices — including the OnePlus 8 series. But should you install it, or wait for a more stable build?

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  1. Landi Manaj says

    GALAXY NOTE 10 OR OP8 12GB 256

  2. 369 Gamer says

    This is developer preview not beta!

  3. Raj Jauhari says

    So no one cares about how they stopped naming android versions with sweets and candies.

  4. francis short jr says

    Apple is way faster at releasing updates

  5. Camendam Dhiman says

    Did we can git any MÜSIC app in android 11 for OnePlus hope we got it

  6. Leroy Glass says

    Will the OnePlus 6T receive Android 11?

  7. Rahul Wagh says

    @AlexDobie thanks for the review… Should wait for official…

  8. Ryan Gomes says

    Ima enjoy android 10 on my Note 10+ till jan 2021 when samsung finally decides to roll out android 11 on my phone

  9. A J says

    So they ported all samsung features and say it's a new update.??all the gimmicks are coming ehh.??

  10. Ben rockz says


  11. arthur james says

    I'm still mad they got rid of the X-ray camera gear ?

  12. Jeffrey Sterling says

    NO … It does not improve a thing … in fact all it does is screw up your face recognition and your google pay just for starters ….. just wait for the official update.

  13. Nithisha Nithisha says

    Samsung A70. Bro

  14. Shan4diff says

    Should I download it on my OnePlus 8

  15. Anurag Anasane says

    Fast share by Google is it present in android 11, the file transfer service?

  16. You Tube viewer says

    Why do you always put on an American accent?

  17. shota apriamashvili says

    I upgraded my pixel to android 11 beta and can I downgrade it to android 10 again? there is many bags

  18. Matthew Lemmers says

    Honestly they didn't really add enough stuff to really make it worth the update. Message bubbles to me aren't a feature when third-party messages applications have added this already.

  19. Victoria Southwood says


  20. Mano Kshatriya says

    seems like oneplus is killing oxygen os

  21. Kyle Parsotan says

    Need for Samsung s9 and younger

  22. Albin Timm says

    In short, Nothing new in this beta.

  23. DB S says

    We need dual bluetooth mode, everybody be playing from multiple Bluetooth speakers.

  24. Aaron Giles says

    Not sure if you noticed but your phone number is visible in the notifications near the start of the video.

  25. ilyn Payne says

    The Galaxy Note 10 and S20 ultra will get their updates by January 2021???

  26. ilyn Payne says

    When you realise that your brand new Galaxy S20 Ultra doesn't even have updates yet this really sucks for Samsung users

  27. Angelo Lagman says

    Ahhh I remember my OnePlus 8 phone like it was just yesterday! Watching from 2025 btw

  28. SavageArfad says

    No China Phones.

  29. Paul Matthew says

    Samsung bubbles work fine ?

  30. masked marlin says

    No not worth it. One plus is a shity company

  31. VOLT GAMING says

    just got the phone and i am thinking i should update or not

  32. Hansa Welgama says

    When does it comes to note 10 plus?

  33. Øystein says

    Chat bubbles for messenger has excisted for many, many years so if it only works with messenger at the moment then it does not really work in this build at all.

  34. Debopriyo Basu says

    watching it on my OnePlus 8 🙂

  35. muhamad aszeri abd rahman says

    How about dual Bluetooth? Did oneplus add in this new update?

  36. Sohail Raheman says

    Wallpaper please.

  37. Velin Caroline Huang says

    Woaw the Design is Magnificent!!! ???

  38. ruzzell907 says

    Will Android 11 on OnePlus 8 let third-party apps access the camera API like in Pixel devices?

  39. soap231 says

    only two useful features are screen recorder and resizing picture in picture

  40. Adwait Sharma says

    So I should expect Samsung to deliver the update in 2021 q4?

  41. WhitE LighteR says


  42. Atif Ghafoor says

    Have they given me back the ability to use whatever gestures I want on a Asus rog 2 that they killed the ability to use gestures on a third party launcher on the andriod 10 update.

  43. Thabang Letsoso says

    Dude…. ??‍♂️ It's the 1st beta… OF COURSE NOT!

  44. The Notorious says

    Okay so this OnePlus preview is trash

  45. Śøvîté Càňáđå says

    I had messenger bubbles since One UI 1.0 for alot of apps

  46. usman abdulkadir says


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