Open Condom Star! [Gangnam Style] WoW Music Video


Something I threw together as a last minute filler project. It’s nothing spectacular. Instead of using random people, I decided to grab a few of my favorite people on Youtube and add them in here. Also added in my favorite Feral and Mage, Lemonshock and Galleon. ^.^

Halloween project that was due in October is super late due to WoW Machinima Tool and WoW Model Viewer still broken. MoP gear is not compatible with the current version of WMV. Nonetheless, it’ll still be produced with better quality. I may be putting Machinima to the side while focusing on arena with friends. I’ll keep you all updated.

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Bajheera –

Gigi –

WoPairs –

Teagen –

Braindeadly –

Neddeadly –

Nation –

Dem –

Romire –

Nyhm –

Summergale –

Sharm –

Truff –

Crowe –

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  1. Bajheera says


  2. Jeff Farmer says

    this is hilarious

  3. MR-FLIP says

    damn bad azz

  4. Jimmy Hunt says

    whos the teddy bear? (main singer ;x)

  5. Venelin Mollov says

    hahaha baj :DD

  6. brage andersen says

    wtf, who wastes their time making this shit ^^

  7. Renameme says

    GET SHIT ON, go Bajh go!

  8. ReDaxx60123 says

    Yay for Neddeadly and Braindeadly xD

  9. 2ManRaid says

    Not sure if I commented on this yet but this is definitely like my 3rd time watching this, Lol definitely giving you all the props you deserve for this one, awesome machinima matches up with the song perfectly. Keep it up Mis. =)


  10. S7X says

    I see..Gigi, Sharm, Wowpairs, I believe that's Tauri, Bajheera, Teagan, and Summergale..But where's Abandonation? 🙁

  11. oliver tonestam says

    BAJHEERAA!!=!=!= sexy ladeeeyyya!

  12. luke vincent says

    BAJHEERA Does not use condoms!!! he uses a spunk reflect!

  13. Kyoka says

    Yay for Teagen!!!

  14. zkizon says

    A lot of awesome people in this video 😀

  15. A. Sitek says


  16. Miselain says

    How so? =/

  17. sligen says

    Oh not good, that must have hurt. Gotta be careful, that doesn't feel good, I hate when I hit my funny bone. lol

  18. Smaskepot says

    I meant store instead of star 😛

  19. Smaskepot says

    its store not stor 🙂

  20. Fapyo says


  21. Drafttyyy says

    LOL braindeadly<3<3:)

  22. Miselain says

    Haha. Props to Bajheera's army! Thanks guys! <3

  23. Niclas gustavsson says

    sounds that they say woop gandalf style xD

  24. Craig says

    Go baj!

  25. Xzenock0343 says

    Bajheera's army passing thru.

  26. Suri Stormsong says

    Yay Baj! xD

  27. Terali Resto says

    Bajheera dance powa!

  28. esoterical73 _ says

    Fantastic Edit. Thank you MiselainAlleria!

  29. CylloxTV says

    I'm here because of Bajheera!

  30. Conceptzer0 says

    1:35 to get shit on! XD

  31. Med Raafet Mouria says

    best part 00:48 lol

  32. sligen says

    Guessing the joke about heads in the gutter struck a nerve.

  33. sligen says

    Many of my friends did also, I heard Gannam style at first.

  34. sligen says

    It's not sarcasm, its a parody and misheard lyrics of the song like Chadwildclay did. I don't hate the video, I enjoyed it, just find it weird people hear Condom store. when the start of Gangnam and Condom sound different. Like I said I'm used to to Japanese and Korean music for when they speak, I hear what he says better then someone just hearing the language for the first time. I had friends even say Condom Store when I show it to them.

  35. vullrath says


  36. Finallizerr says


  37. Grandtheflazlow39 says

    no i heard open condom star 😛

  38. sligen says

    Still don't understand how people hear Condom store, you can clearly hear him Gangnam Style, even when I first heard it, I heard it as Gannam at first, then listened closely and then heard Gangnam.

    Some people just have there heads in the gutters I guess. Or it's that I listen to Japanese and Korean music.

  39. Miselain says

    Woo, It's Bajheera! Thanks for the comment n' stuff. 🙂

  40. Brian Jimenez says

    aint that something different lmao… but still a good song so thumbs up

  41. Scr8 Up Factz says

    Gigi FTW!

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