‘Opening our shop has become a political threat not a health hazard’


Shop owner Lydia Walker-Cox faces a £1,000 fine for each day she continues to refuse to close her business during lockdown.

Speaking with talkRADIO’s Mike Graham, she said: “We’ve reached a point where we’re not going to be bullied, we really feel that these are bullying tactics…us opening our shop has become a political threat not a health hazard.”

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  1. mogznwaz says

    The public must show her support not let her be thrown to the wolves. Individuals cannot always be sacrificed to hold the line for the rest of us

  2. Chumley Warner says

    Country is getting more like North Korea every day.

  3. Luca2007 says

    Brave lady. We are living in a police state. Dissent is not allowed. Welcome to the Fatherland. Heil Boris and his Blackshirts. Democracy dead Economy dead. Freedom dead. Killed by the Tory Party and not opposed by the opposition.

  4. kimmy G says


  5. kimmy G says


  6. Jon Beauregard says

    Here's an idea, don't let the coppers in…!

  7. Jon Beauregard says

    Fight the fight for Freedom ! They won't give up and niether should we !

  8. Jon Beauregard says

    There never was a virus…just tyrany…

  9. Martin Thompson says

    So, in 2020 a typical shop is open, then closed, open, then closed, open again due to coronavirus regulations. I don't see how that can be legal. You don't make laws up on a whim.

  10. JONNY G says

    The police shouldn't be wearing masks if it interferes with their job .

  11. Rob Marenghi says

    Policeman: 'These new laws disgust me. Pass the handcuffs.'

  12. Neil Roberts says

    Welcome to orwells 1984

  13. Mark Rymanowski says

    It's not bonkers.
    It's masons looking out for other masons
    If you're not in the club,
    you get lockdown.
    Stop complaining and become a freemason.

  14. valleysofneptune says

    Coppers breaking oath by not protecting the queens public , instead doing the facist work of councils and government

  15. Regina Stew says

    This is only the beginning, in the 5th wave when the virus mutant in the brain. Everything will be open a close until 2025 then you will be completely isolated or die. Unfortunately, the world is no gonna as used to be.

  16. Gavin Lisle says

    What a selfish individual laughing when people are dying of a virus that you obviously do not care about spreading, stationary shop, she has already said she is registered as a card and book shop, why are we suppose to be proud of someone breaking rules for their own selfish financial gain, it's disgusting, not one person has asked to see her shop so the public can decide if its essential not her, this is the problem with journalism coz we're not buying papers anymore, we have to deal with this narrative driven horseshit, how about you have one person on here that disagrees with your BS

  17. Relax Me says

    Lydia so correct, the dangling carrot…

  18. djkymaera says

    I resent the implication (without any proof) that I am a bag of disease. How are these governments acting any different from the mafia?

  19. Irene Ewens says

    Not about a virus at all and we all know it. Politicians and police should be ashamed of themselves after outing themselves as bullies and tyrants. Credibility gone forever.

  20. Paul says

    We stand with you Lydia. Crowd fund and we will cover the fines for you.

  21. Bruce McNair says

    Democracies run smoothly and efficiently with and by the consent of the public. This government is rapidly losing the confidence of the public. Unless Bojo pulls a British rabbit out of his magic hat, he and the Tories will be ousted by the corrupt Left and won’t return to power for decades. Seems to me the only thing Bojo can do to overwhelmingly persuade the public he is fit for purpose is to walk away from the EU farce now, no deal, and get on with fixing this country. The ERG needs to start swinging its weight and do something, puleese.😂

  22. Ian Davis says

    Notice how Mike interrupted her when she said the virus was political and not a health hazard.

    Controlled opposition.

  23. Atheist Cory says

    We are a nation of shopkeepers and we must keep all of our shops open!!

  24. Richard Smith says

    We will all live in supermarkets and open shops pubs maybe police stations


    UK government/police = VERMIN,

  26. John West says

    they are just following orders.

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