Opponents huddle around soccer player after hijab comes loose during match


A soccer team is being praised for their sportsmanship after they formed a human shield to give privacy to a member of the opposing team whose hijab began to fall off.


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  1. SouthernFuzz says

    More like they're trying to save her life…

  2. TaeTaeTea says

    The Quran states that Muslim women must cover their beauty and purity by using the hijab, and these women were so quick to realizing and reacting, very well done

  3. Hej • says

    the girls thats around her watching be like ???

  4. Tutoriales says

    So….she is playing football un front if all the people and Allah said that If you cover,cover your body not only your head.

  5. Olive’s Corner says

    I love how fast they formed! So respectful.

  6. D͓̽a͓̽m͓̽n͓̽ ͓̽D͓̽a͓̽n͓̽i͓̽ says


  7. Nicole. says

    Beautiful. Give me the chills.

  8. Muhammad Aiman says

    Respect ?❤️

  9. Tanner says

    ? respect ???

  10. Farhan Wasif says

    These girls must be awarded with FIFA best fair play award. Mashallah.

  11. David Cummings says

    I am a pro feminist male, I see the hijab as an oppressive symbol of female liberty … to were it is to be subservient in female oppression, to take it off or it falling off, is a situation of Female Liberty … those girls should have celebrated it coming off and embraced her Not surround her so she could re-instate the garment of Female Oppression.

  12. ლევან ქებაძე says

    i have no idea what does it meab

  13. Samara Etkind says

    Why the hell does her team not care..

  14. ayy187_ says

    I don’t like that the fact that they kept on zooming on the girl I’m a Muslim and if I was the camera man I would’ve turned it

  15. laraib playz says

    This is so beautiful I'm a muslim and I'm very proud

  16. Summer Rayne says

    Now thats moving

  17. Matt. says

    What are the girls protecting her from? And what will happen to her if she plays without the hijab?

  18. angela smith says


  19. jayyuha _YT says

    That’s pure kindness and respect

  20. Harlequin Ford says

    This is the most beautiful act of kindness and tolerance I’ve ever seen

  21. Googleplusistoointrusive says

    Respect that she is too sexually provocative with her head exposed.

  22. Dogpuppy79 AJ says

    at 1 am i was sobbing its fine im fine

  23. Sachin Boby says

    Type a question mark if you are shit

  24. Fred Schwarz says

    So, what are those girls protecting her from? The gaze of unrelated men?

  25. Carly Chetlain says

    I'm Christian. But did live next door to Muslims. I do respect them and actually talked to them about their religion and they asked about mine. But we never forced each other to conform to the other religion

  26. theChem11 - says

    Does anyone knows who doing the call prayer (iqamah)?

  27. María Rosa Melano says

    Sorry but this is a SPORT, if you are in a sport you know that this can happen…

  28. Zamand says

    What a great timing bro. The prayer call started at the best time.

  29. bosshoss69lee says

    This is trash, ironically the people calling this “beautiful” don’t understand that rag is literally oppressive af

  30. Matthew says

    Good job! They deserve a medal! ❤

  31. Just a fellow Ravenclaw says

    I came from TikTok I-

  32. Ena Kolesaric says

    Who's playing the game? Wich two countries

  33. Jury xx says

    I just wana know what country theyre from?

  34. Destiny Gilbert says

    not one of her own teammates came over

  35. Boiling celebrity Tea says


  36. Im a weird Baker says

    I know there might be hate in the world for Muslims , but there is also love in the world

  37. Pixel Demon828 says

    Why did someone dislike for an act of kindness

  38. Amy Sargent says

    Is anyone else here from the tiktok or

  39. trashcanzart says

    i love this so much hijabi here?

  40. Liz Perez says

    Why is this the first thing I see after waking up?? Way too early to be crying ??

  41. annie Lee says

    Did you hide anymore scores! ????

  42. chicken123 says

    inshalla they will get there reward for what they did it's so beautiful how they quickly shielded her

  43. Dori Dyess says

    Whos here from tiktok?

  44. Noor 77 says

    I didn't even know you could wear the hijab while playing like no hate or anything but just didn't know never saw it

  45. sylvia says

    im tearing tf up omg

  46. Youtubeguy298o says


  47. Vide Max says

    Allahu akbar??

  48. NopetheNoob says

    But they are looked at her???

  49. Nicole Parker says

    Mad respect ✊?

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