OSCARS 2020 FASHION ROAST (this is truly the most upsetting red carpet i've ever seen)


I was quite optimistic about the Oscars 2020 Red Carpet, which I shouldn’t have been cause the entirety of Awards Season has sucked fashion-wise. And well that all culminated in a truly awful Oscars red carpet. Who cares about best actor and actress when you’re outfit sucks? Cause let’s be real, we only care about the fashion.

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Those Mentioned:
Beanie Feldstein – Miu Miu
Billie Eilish – Chanel
Billy Porter – Giles Deacon Couture
Bree Larson – Celine
Caitriona Balfe – Valentino
Charlize Theron – Dior
Cynthia Erivo – Versace
Florence Pugh – Louis Vuitton
Gal Gadot – Givenchy
Greta Gerwig – Dior
Janelle Monae – Ralph Lauren
Kaitlyn Dever – Louis Vuitton
Kally Marie Tran – Schiaparelli
Kim Kardashian – Alexander McQueen
Kristen Wiig – Valentino
Kylie Jenner – Ralph & Russo
Laura Dern – Armani Prive
Lucy Boynton – Chanel
Margaret Qualley – Chanel
Margot Robbie – Chanel
Mindy Kaling – Dolce & Gabbana
Natalie Portman – Dior
Olivia Coleman – Stella McCartney
Penelope Cruz – Chanel
Regina King – Versace
Renee Zellweger – Armani Prive
Rooney Mara – Alexander McQueen
Sandra Oh – Elie Saab
Saoirse Ronan – Gucci
Scarlett Johansson – Oscar de la Renta
Timothee Chalamet – Prada
Zazie Beetz – Thom Browne

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  1. CD Gang says

    I just don’t understand why you want her to wear dresses so much like baggy clothes is something she find interest in. Like you don’t always have to be in a huge dress to go somewhere formal or classy.

  2. raspar6 says

    Stunning? No. It looks like something I stitched together in an hour on my sewing machine.

  3. Sweety Gani says

    Kristen wig's dress looks like a red worm

  4. HyakuyaFutaba says

    Him: I wish this was just a simple black momentAlso him: why is this dress so simple its just boring

  5. Madi K says

    you honestly shouldnt be talking. all we see you in are black shirts and jackets

  6. katherine hughes says

    Ughhhhh Scarlett looks like she needs a Spanx.

  7. katherine hughes says

    I'm on a binge here and the only disagree is Sandra Oh

  8. Hannah Zhang says

    For Kim’s dress, after hearing the story and looking at the dress again. It seems a lot more beautiful,

  9. Jordan Martin says

    Bro… you are stunning in that dress!! I dont care if you were trying to make fun of it, but I actually lived it on you.

  10. why not says

    32:37 eww hell no

  11. why not says

    Kirstin wig's look was hidious.i dont know.how u can say positive words about it.not even as a joke

  12. why not says

    8:52 no way.although i hate maria grazia but this look is soooooo good

  13. Natilla says

    Honestly Timothy Chalamet looks like he got called to clean up after the award show

  14. Dolce Mizrahi says

    Why do we hate Dolce & Gabbana again?

  15. Paula Watson says

    Natalie Portman's dress was actually my favorite (not the cape, forget the cape). It looked medieval-y and I loved it.

  16. The Sketchbook says

    He hated the belts but was okay with the Kristen Wiig dress???WTF I know this is my opinion not his but i really really kinda hated the Valentino dress she wore. It ligit looks like lasagna hahaha

  17. bea mccarthy says

    I love that one of the only words he knows in Italian is ugly??

  18. bea mccarthy says

    I love his coat tho?✌

  19. *Insert Name* says

    Is it bad that I like florence’s outfit ?

  20. Rai Francisco says

    I dont know lucy boynton kinda looked classy and a bit old school, i mean its not the best but its okay

  21. Kerry Christensen says

    19:18 I'm just never going to be dazzled by wealthy people wearing rags

  22. Kerry Christensen says

    14:48 Nah

  23. Kerry Christensen says

    9:43 Reminds me of Vegas dancers with boas on their butts

  24. Kerry Christensen says

    4:20 Like the bottom, not the top.

  25. Kerry Christensen says

    1:07 I like it. Wish there was a thick, black border at the hem, though.

  26. joshua19942 says

    Does anyone know where his jacket is from?????

  27. Jessica -aka JessaNae says

    Not only do I hate that entire dress on Beanie, but the black and white make her look like a ghost!!! She'd look awesome in a more pastel color… I'm def thinking pale pink!! And Billy may habe her style, but I'd LOVE to see her in a crazy badass, and more abstract kinda dress!! She's a cute girl and her badass look is what a lot of is love but it's to basic billie style and its time to give her a more grown up change!!

  28. alex b says

    Omg i thought i was the only one puking at it

  29. WonderGoalz_Cats says

    I know you did not talk smack ab Cinthia’s look? she looks stunning?

  30. Petty Bee says

    Luke, Kristen's dress looks like the brissels on a carpet cleaner. Honey, no.

  31. Petty Bee says

    That Gucci logo on clothing is ugly. . .

  32. Abigail Keeling says

    this video was kinda obnoxious

  33. Abigail Keeling says

    7:50 its ugly… i said it

  34. Abigail Keeling says

    4:55 gender bending? wtf is he an avatar like…

  35. Dariya Neklyudova says

    As soon as I saw you I gasped!!! That is a STUNNING jacket!!!1

  36. Cindy Lop says

    You drag and shit on people so hard; I still watch tho ?

  37. Unknown Artist says

    Billy Porter reminds me of a cooked octopus in the skirt ?

  38. llwyd anwyl says

    you aren’t in a position to comment, your ‘style’ is mainstream gay cliche

  39. Savanah Rodriguez says

    Imagine Billie eilish in the billie porter tux dress

  40. Djeneba Sanogo says

    Why doesn’t he like Dolce and Gabbana? Did they do something controversial?

  41. Jnny 718 says

    Billie Eye’s vomit chic just needs to vanish off the earth

  42. Ellie Middleton says

    Bro that’s just billie eilishes stile tho lol

  43. louise says

    Scarlett was beautiful

  44. Andjela Popov says

    For the most opinions I agree. But How for the love of God Valentino's dress is great?? baby-pink curtain over black dress eww

  45. studyante says

    What I've learn fron this video: Luke and I have the same taste and hate belts.

  46. Valeria S says

    me: It looks niceLuke: disgustingme: that one doesn't look that goodLuke: she looks stunning!!!!

  47. whatthefrickfracksnicksnack says

    "Is it revolutionary? No."Just imagine every single red carpet dress had to be revolutionary, don't think that would be realistically possible

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