Oslo Travel Guide


We’re back with our Oslo Travel Guide! This one is definitely worth the wait as we explore this beautiful Norwegian city.

Oslo is one of the most beautiful cities in the world…and also one of the most expensive! But as we explain in this episode, there’s a reason for Oslo’s costs. Great food, beautiful scenery, friendly people…Oslo has it all!

Thanks to our friends at VisitOSLO for their help with our Oslo episode. For updated information on events, attractions, restaurants and bars, head to www.visitoslo.com. Need assistance while visiting the city? The Oslo Visitor Centre by the central station is open every day of the year.

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  1. Tatiana Cristina says

    Honestly, it is wrong to incite public discussion on "tipping' system just as it is wrong to discuss politics or religion. Those with deep pockets should always pay extra 20% or more in tipping. But that is a very, very small percentage of the worldwide population. That is why, it is unfair, to demand extra 20% of the cost of the meal from working class families, who may be teachers, nurses, managers etc… Working class people, do not have much discretionary income left after paying for the cost of living. That is why, street food has become so popular, there is NO tipping. In Australia, people have been treated with hostility because they did not tip. Americans have been coming to Australia for years now and are, subtly, trying to introduce their 'tipping' system, which we never, ever had before, and we are very happy to remain like this. Let's make it clear: Americans waiters/waitresses do not receive wages, at all, that is why, they must get their wages in tips. In Australia is different, they do get paid per hour, they do have a wage. As Australian and Japanese people would say: 'tipping is not necessary'.

  2. Yap Then Yu says

    Flytoget is a ripoff coz the regular commuter train is a lot cheaper

  3. Adam Nowek says

    p i n e c o n e s a n d b r a n c h e s

  4. Patrick Klocek says

    Me: wait they use the corona currency in Norway, OMG!!!

  5. Chsta005 - Plays says

    This is the best travel guide I've seen about Oslo. Good job!

  6. All together now says

    Looks incredibly safe and clean, but a little "grey" and dreary. I'd still definitely visit though and am sure I'd have a great time there

  7. Bryan Workman says

    1000% tip. minimum

  8. Thomas Paulsen says

    Tipping in Norway is absolutely NOT neccessary AT ALL! However, if you feel the waiter/waitress made the experience that much better, then you can give a small extra 🙂

  9. trizeem says

    a very charming city ? greetings from Croatia

  10. Barney Musician says

    Off to Oslo in May to see Nick Cave and your vlog the first we found…love it! Thanks Alex. Your presenting style combining personable info and original takes on what to experience the perfect intro. Now subscribed 🙂

  11. Reinaldo Abad Santos says

    Definitely a 100% class act, great presentation. Such a relief from the giggly millenial massacres of even the farthest reaches of this poor planet.

  12. Chase The Horizon says

    Best tipping policy (British) – don't tip

  13. Kaia Aune says

    It was really interesting watching this video on how you experienced my country and my Oslo. I feel so extremely proud of this little kingdom when you talked about the friendly people, green airport, good social systems etc, and i literally held my breath when you were going to say how much that glass of beer cost! hahah! Even norwegians think it is expensive here. Thats why norway (except oslo) dont have a massive culture of wining and dining outside at night, like the rest of europe. Thank you for visiting Oslo. You should definately visit the West of norway. Because that is really the essence of our country. Mountains, waterfalls, trolls and little cities.

  14. Br F says

    Animal carriage

  15. Mercy Jerop says

    I love Oslo hope i will go there someday

  16. Alexandria Morgan says

    So helpful! Thank you!!

  17. snurk agurk says

    I don’t tip in oslo, and i live here. It’s the food place’s responsibility to pay their employees, not me

  18. The Way Between says

    Love the detailed information about transportation. I feel like it's so basic and yet the #1 thing I'm looking for from travel guides. so THANK YOU! can you also add the link of the public transport app that you recommend. Keep the travel guides coming!

  19. Koothodil Abhijith Augustine says

    8:45 one bite and philosophy comes out!! ?

  20. Heather Duke says

    Booked my flights this morning, thank you for such an informative video! So excited to go next spring! ♥️

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