1. SPKY_ DEATH says

    Anybody else notice the og fortnite music in the back grond no just me ok

  2. Carter Nameth-Smith says

    How do you throw a self oop

  3. Unaloud is Goated says

    Play online Head to head

  4. Kirin Lawing says

    Get flexible release to help your jumper

  5. Timothy Riche says

    Do hall of fame handles for days

  6. ShiftyBeast says

    When you get another shooting badge, you should get deep fades so you're able to fade deeper and have more success when doing them and also get the finishing badge backdown punisher

  7. Sam Boucher says

    how do you get the percentage of shooting like he does

  8. Mario Oviedo says


  9. Collin Schilling says

    Sup Kay love ur vids man just came home from a long day at six flags

  10. Landon Riley says


  11. Landon Riley says


  12. Landon Riley says


  13. Landon Riley says


  14. Harp Bahia says

    more madden 20 face of the franchise

  15. Kendrick McKnight says

    The range extender helps with all shots even mid ranges that's why you need it max

  16. Stacie Nelson Colling says

    do some MLB The Show

  17. Obey_ Apollo says

    FIFA ?

  18. Chris Davies says

    park vids with dre

  19. Carson Ringgold says

    If so can we play with each other

  20. Carson Ringgold says

    Do you play on PS4

  21. Kim Walden says

    Way dose Kay all where is pick a black person

  22. Robert Simon says


  23. Jonathan Keathly says

    Do all cowboys line up

  24. Phillyfan21 says

    Do a online my league or myteam nms

  25. Francisco Miranda Aponte says

    Don’t get rid of floor general it increases ur player chance to make the shot

  26. NFLMagician15 says

    kay you should play more park I really like it

  27. Ian Pulte says

    Makes his best dunk ever and they don’t replay it

  28. Theresa Padua says


  29. Julian Padilla says

    Do more 2k

  30. cooltoys Turner says

    Kay bro do Fortnite best YouTuber out there

  31. Will Meade says

    a simple commentKAY IS THE GOAT… if u aint subscribed… what r u doing?

  32. GT Budbud says

    thats called a backside ollie kay

  33. Sean Zver says

    More park games

  34. CoRuPtEd_potato says

    More gta

  35. Amare Perkins says

    Some gta with wifey

  36. max rusov says

    do a nhl21 be a pro next year

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