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Ovulation is the part of the menstrual cycle where the ovary releases an egg to be fertilized during conception, or sloughed off during a woman’s period. This 3D medical animation depicts in exquisite detail: follicle development within the ovary, the movement of the fimbriae over the ovulation site before ovulation, the bursting of the egg from the ovary in a rush of fluid, delicate quality of the ciliated fimbriae and its movement to pick up the egg after ovulation, peristalsis of the fallopian tube to move the egg toward the uterus. Ovulation must take place in order for a woman to get pregnant, preceding the meeting of the male sperm during fertilization.



Ovulation is a part of the menstrual cycle when the ovary releases a ripe egg, or ovum.
Inside the ovary are hundreds of thousands of follicles. Each follicle is a hollow ball of cells with an immature egg in the center.
The typical 28-day menstrual cycle begins on the first day of menstrual bleeding.
During the first 7 days of the cycle, a few follicles begin to grow at the same time.
These maturing follicles secrete estrogen hormone into the blood stream to prepare the lining of the uterus for pregnancy.
Around Day 7, all of the follicles stop growing and begin to degenerate except for one.
This dominant follicle continues to grow and nourishes the developing egg inside it.
Around Day 12, the follicle secretes a large amount of estrogen into the blood stream.
When the estrogen reaches the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland in the brain, the anterior or front part of the pituitary gland releases a huge surge of luteinizing hormone into the blood stream.
Around day 14, luteinizing hormone causes the follicle to undergo a sudden growth spurt.
Right before ovulation, the egg detaches from the inside of the follicle.
The bulging follicle releases chemicals, causing one of the two fallopian tubes to move in closer and surround the follicle.
The follicle swells until… it bursts open, ejecting the egg and fluid from the follicle into the abdominal cavity.
In response, the fimbriae, tiny projections at the end of the fallopian tube, sweep across the ovulation site and pick up the egg.
Microscopic cilia on the fimbriae’s surface transport the egg to the entrance of the fallopian tube.
Inside the walls of the fallopian tube, muscular contractions gently push the egg toward the uterus.
After ovulation, the egg lives for 12-24 hours, so it must be fertilized by a sperm from the male during this time for a woman to become pregnant.
If it is not fertilized, the egg dissolves away and is shed along with the uterine lining during menstruation.

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  1. Alex T says

    Wait what I didn’t know the ovary and Fallopian tubes where not connected 🤯

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    I came here by mistyping , Convolution into ovulation.

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    Even the ova shows & changes its color to attract the sperm…..how intelligent they r??

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    i wonder why i end up here

  5. Emily Bella says

    This is simply amazing. We never stop and think about what our bodies are doing, and how they work to ensure producing new life. All the muscular contractions and the hormone going to the pituitary gland all happens inside us and we aren't even aware of it. It's true, that our bodies do take care of themselves without us even trying. It's divine.

  6. crazypolite says

    great animation, but where was the info? No recognition of their proper cell name (the Oocytes) and how they become Secondary Oocytes, skipping the endocrine explanation of GHrH and how it stimulates FSH/LH entirely. 0 mention of the corpus luteum?! really??!! And yet you have the nerve to talk about efferent flowing LH?! Vague description of how the "egg" settles within the endometrium.. and oh so much more.. I could go on, trust me. I expect such a higher level of information from you guys, as lots of people learn from your videos. Needless to say I'm unimpressed with this :/

  7. Ah Aeg1 says

    is it possible for the sperm to get in the ovaries?

  8. U2Yes 1DNo EDCP/Sabrina Kitty/Brown/Hooves says

    Every girl and woman ovulates before her period, I am right now…

  9. heartquaked says

    Interesting thanks for sharing!!

  10. Hatem El-Sheemy says

    Great work! the only negative thing that the video doesn't mention the role of FSH in stimulating the follicles at first from which one follicle will be selected to complete the cycle.

  11. Macon A. Fortune says

    This is so beautiful, i fvcking love it. Nature is so great..women are so great.

  12. Denise 1101 says

    we are fearfully and wonderfully made by our creator

  13. Sandra Kassouf says

    it's so fascinating how the body works
    Us girls each month complain and starts to talk shit and be angry about our periods but do we actually take a second to think what your body is doing?how it's working? how it's preparing for a pregnancy? or simply that you are a productive woman? dont think about it in an ugly immature gross way as i used to do or just someday you'll understand what i mean 🙂

  14. Lolo Moll says

    this one of the best videos .. you are making it like a disney movie hhh

  15. babyface says

    the sperm has a looooong way to go really doesn't it? I mean I thought it hit the egg straight away but man was I wrong

  16. derek marongere says

    love this channel, the videos explains any topic so easy I am in Nursing school and got an exam in a week this really helps! keep up the good work guys!

  17. stacy sexton says

    but my period lasts 3 days

  18. Jerick Greasham says

    So there's only a small period of the month when a woman can get pregnant? So anytime before the egg is created she can't get pregnant?

  19. Sweta Bhandari. says

    whenever i feel i cant understand this anyway..i come to this channel……grt work

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    I'm going through this process as I type this. I'm in so much pain… Now I know why.

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    Great explanation! 🙂

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    omg this is both horrifying and amazing

  25. Kariah M. says

    is it possible to experience pain during all this or is it natural? or is it something else that might be causing pain in that area

  26. SkaterJames760 says

    Hey guys quick question, I had sex 6 days before my girlfriend ovulated and I pulled out but she thinks I didn't. What are the chances of her getting pregnant??

  27. mizzlealwaystvable says

    So in order to get a girl pregnant like you have to have intercourse after your period ends? Btw I'm a dude just looking for info because in video it say the egg needs to be fertalized within 24 hours so does that mean for fertilization you have to have intercourse the day your period ends??? Serious question

  28. mizzlealwaystvable says

    Any women can answer this I'm a little confused but curious OK so ovulation is a monthly period pretty much so does the egg go to the tube after your period ends or before your period starts? That part confusing me any answer pls thx

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    Lol what's with all the blurry effects.

  30. Fatin Hanani H says

    Amazing.. we are amongst the lucky ovum tht got fertilized.. since ovum lives for 12 -24 hours only

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    I feel sorry for xavier's mother…:) Sure complicated science stuff going on by itself….

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    Our bodies are so awesome. Not periods. Whats going on inside is awesome.

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    I'm still confused…so ovulation is 14 days before or after the period?

  36. alec10345 says

    Thank you Nucleus Medical Media for this very well done animation which interestingly teaches ovulation movement.

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