OxygenOS 11 Open Beta brings Android 11 to the OnePlus 8 – Hands-on


In Todays Video we go hands-on with the OxygenOS 11 Open Beta to see what it brings from Android 11 to the OnePlus 8. We cover all the features that are new on the OnePlus 8. Hope you enjoy the video.
Beta 2 Video is now live:
TK’s Video on the Android 11 Official features and changes:
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  1. SKEKMAL says

    Yuck, just installed pixel experience on my oneplus 8 pro since they wanna copy samsung one ui.

  2. Siddarth Joji says

    Just got it today.

  3. Rahul tiwari says

    I have recently installed android 11 updates. I must say 10 is better that 11.

  4. 장재희 says

    All the updates I personally don't really care but the adjustable PIP function is exactly what I needed and so excited to update soon.

  5. SUNIL DANGAR says

    Which colour is better glocy green or interstellar glow

  6. Anant Yadav says

    OnePlus 8 vs OnePlus 7t pro which one would be the better option in terms of camera 📸 including Night mode ???

  7. Kevon Smith says

    ok, this is off topic. what you use on ur beard

    always love ur videos btw…

  8. king of queens venky says

    oneplus 7t vs oneplus 8 which is the best camera mobile phone for YouTube channel create ?

  9. king of queens venky says

    oneplus 7t vs oneplus 8 which is the best for prank videos ?

  10. Donn Kwok says

    There's a one big problem still not sloved!!!when I'm wathing Netflix,it's stll not to be set fullscreen notch.

  11. wuulfy says

    i feel like oneplus would be better off moving the power buttons to the center

  12. Mohamed Ibrahim says

    Did he say Sba7o 😀 , this is Arabic

  13. Jorge Escudero says

    0:38 so what I have to my fingertips is everything but power off… Not well designed, at least for me.

  14. Antonio M. says

    É uguale a Apple chestronzata

  15. Arun sundar says

    Speed 0.75 x thank me later 😂🤣

  16. keyur shah says

    Tiktok 🧐

  17. ROB STAN says

    It looks like LineageOs android 10 😀

  18. Jackson Strickland says

    Will it run on a one plus 6t?

  19. Islam M. Ali says

    wow is he Arabic … what's his channel?!!

  20. Abhishek Pawar says

    Notifition panel noting special…..old look…..😔

  21. Navon Revleen says

    Horrible update, fucked up the dark mode

  22. Ibrahim Gamer23 says

    Your are arabic because you are in 0:00 you see sabahoo

  23. Baha2 Qawasmi says

    The smoothness of oxygen os is insane

  24. Kirblue_ says

    cool shirt 🙂

  25. aziz aziz says

    Hello do anyone knows when android 11 will be available for oneplus 7 pro?

  26. Kwaku Poku says

    Question that anybody can answer. I currently have the 7t. Should I upgrade to the 8 or just wait for the next major release?

  27. Gajendra Singh says

    When get oneplus7 oxygen Android 11 update for india ??

  28. mert says

    nice beard man.

  29. Fabian Taffe says

    How do I get this beta version on my Oneplus 8 phone

  30. Debanga Bhushan Sarma says

    Watching on my Motorola one fusion plus ❤️… It's been almost 70 days of use, fantastic experience so far

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