Ozzy Man Reviews: Soccer Dives


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  1. Ozzy Man Reviews says

    Check out me 2nd YouTube Channel. It's a talk show: https://www.youtube.com/ozzymanspodcastWatch LIVE on Friday nights (which is tonight! In 2 hours) on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ozzymanreviewsI take the piss out of soccer, but I will admit it… I've been looking forward to the World Cup. There, I said it. I don't mind soccer.

  2. Snoek says

    0:53 — Italians……………. ofcourse

  3. Jordan Brock says

    Millions of potential fans turned away by this fake injury bullshit.

  4. jdderew1 says

    Ozzy man definetly a Messi fan boi… The 2 Ronaldo takes were both clear fouls and clearly hit with force unlike any other clip shown…But i'm sure all of you who clearly play or played football would never even flinch if done the same to you. After all, everything Ronaldo does is bad and fake and Messi is Goat. Clearly. And of course, it's not Barcelona who actually practiced faking fouls in their normal training program under Guardiola, of course not, all lies. Penaldo bad Messi good.

  5. Jay Fonz says

    What an embarrassing sport

  6. HepC-yalater says

    This is why I hate soccer/football. Refs see these super douches flop on the ground like a cock in a John Holmes film and they yellow/red card some players. Then 45 seconds later after they’re done going for best actor they’re up sprinting again right back at it. It’s effing ridiculous.

  7. Slashley gibbins says

    This is a great analogy for leftism. Thanks mate, throw another shrimp on the barbie.

  8. YamiKisara says

    That's why it's better to go watch your local C-league instead of the football on TV, lol.

  9. sunset says

    footballers = 3 ply toilet paper, too soft and over priced!

  10. Paul von Tarsus says

    One reason why I like German football. Less of this garbage.

  11. Akiaku_ says

    This is why football is shit

  12. SunnyAquamarine2 says

    Lol babies

  13. y ssdd says

    After all, sports are just for personal physical fitness, inspiration and entertainment .

  14. tim cappiello says

    That's why you watch women's football

  15. ericthedread1 says

    These guys are an embarrassment to society. Should be life bans for bringing manhood into disrepute.

  16. Devin Curran says


  17. Jack Frost says

    Jesus reborn???

  18. Emilia Chronix says

    Why do people want to date and marry these guys? If I had a man and he acted like that I’d be so embarrassed and deny knowing him…

  19. H H says

    This is why I don't understand why "football" is so popular.

  20. Nathan Rock says

    This is why Americans have no respect for soccer. We played it as 10 year olds and then watched a professional match and saw other 10 year olds crying on the field and thought to ourselves these are the worst individuals to look up to as strong men who have supposedly achieved greatness…Watching soccer is like watching the wnba, nah I'm good man we shouldn't be subsidizing that BS.

  21. kjackers says

    This is why I don't bother with this "sport"

  22. Last Name First Name says


  23. Mariusz Wiliński says

    Roll model ?

  24. GuanJun 1 says

    Lol, football is a joke sport played by sissies.

  25. Buff Jesus says

    football is a pussy sport

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