Ozzy Man Reviews: Soccer Dives


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  1. Ozzy Man Reviews says

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    I take the piss out of soccer, but I will admit it… I've been looking forward to the World Cup. There, I said it. I don't mind soccer.

  2. YAAR Shivanshu says

    My dyxlesia told me it's Scooter Dives

  3. darkwolfe says

    I don't understand anything that is going on… is flopping around like a fish out of water part of the game?

  4. doowroh says

    Soccer players are such pussies.

  5. Imran Husain says

    Cristiano looking for blood is the cutest one.

  6. Rui Ribeiro says

    I guess you not a Ronaldo fan! Let me guess Pélé?

  7. Hig Craigerson says

    At 2:04 the dude actually made the other guy hit him. This video is why Noone respects soccer players.

  8. quazzie1 says

    This sport has the floppiest floppers that ever flopped.

  9. Mora trolls says

    MMA players : 😂

  10. z4Z says

    Lol cristiano made it to the ozzy….damn….cristiano should feel lucky now

  11. Ian Chauhan says

    Can’t stand watching these overpaid actors, maybe they should take up a sport where they feel real pain like bowls

  12. True Brit says

    This kind of shite is exactly why I stopped watching football almost 15 years ago. Best thing I ever did.

  13. Attlanttizz says

    Overpaid cry-babies

  14. The cooler I will defeat I will defeat Justin Y. says

    Ok, let’s get this straight…. they don’t do this because they are pussies in general. It’s tactics. If something looks like it could be a foul, and it is in or near the box, then it’s best to make it look real so they can draw a penalty or a free kick. Ozzy boy here hand picked the very worst moments for his video (that is a little over 2 minutes long), and because of that, everyone is saying “oh anyone who plays football (soccer) is a pussy because look at these players.” That’s like saying football players are all stupid Hicks

  15. winter soldier says

    The Exorcist part got me😂😂😂

  16. Jeff Borders says

    Soccer. About 20 pussies running around fighting over the only testicle on the field. I'll pass. Too gay for me.

  17. Phillip Brewster says

    This video should be titled KINGS OF WANK

  18. Michael Foulds says

    Bunch of wankers

  19. David Lewis says

    I quit watching soccer because of how pathetic this crap is.

  20. er so says

    Lol… the beautiful game.

  21. Owen Murphy says

    I love how soccer fans defend this behavior as legitimate and get almost as upset as the players you might touch that.

  22. Shopnil Hossain Jubayer says

    Lol all the stupid rugby fanbois laughing and thinking its better than football…no one gives a fuck about ur stupid game…keep trying dumb assholes🤣😂

  23. Daf says

    You have to larff at these professionals, I played football, never wore shine pads, and my mate run his “metal stud” up my shin, I didn’t roll around like these prat’s , I actually got up, then fell down, 69 stitches later, I hardly ever played after that, my mate, who did the injury, he had a worse one than me, on his 16th birthday, he was riding his motorbike on a track, and some idiots were going the wrong way, his leg went in the crash bar on the other bike and ripped his leg off! He saw me a few years later, and said how’s your leg I said ok, and he said mines not much better, poor sod, hope you’re well Dave 👍🏻

  24. Rollo Fenrir says

    Or an exorcist 🤣🤣 ah f*cking hell man
    Its just amazing how they flop like a fish when their ego is hurting

  25. Rollo Fenrir says

    1:25 the guy in the red must have been a dementor from Harry Potter🤣

  26. Rollo Fenrir says

    0:48 Sniper in the stand 🤣😵

  27. First Last says

    No idiots were injured in the making of these dramas. One can only hope next time it will happen for real.

  28. Socrates ExplainsEverything says

    Injured people don't flop around like that – it tends to make the injury worse…
    They should be given 60 minutes of game time to rest and recover before being allowed to play again after such a bad collision.

  29. bish groundwork says

    Brilliant. Lol

  30. moe gene says

    soccer is for pussies

  31. Hemaraj YN Gowda. says

    Jesus reborn and sniper in the stands were very funny.

  32. ogugua obidike says

    Y I don't respect soccer as a sport

  33. Elwood P. Dowd says

    At what point do these guys get embarrassed for being such idiots?

  34. Cho Vue says

    Bunch of babies! This is pretty much what kids do when they're sore losers and overly competitive. They go hard for for the ball and as soon as they know they messed up they fake an injury to get people on their side. I know this, because I'm one of them. 😠

  35. Louis Serfontein says

    Football is undermined by these so called professionals. What happened to the role model role? What a joke.

  36. Sith On Wheels says

    Most popular sport in the world…

  37. Minimalist SG says

    Neymar is the ambassador for soccer dives and rolls.

  38. Ibrahim Ozdemir says

    guy at 2:08 takes the cake.. puppeteers his opponents arm to punch himself

  39. MrWisebord says

    Yep. That is how soccer looks now…

  40. The Spark says

    My stepfather was shot 4 times in the same leg, he still managed to run to the car and get the hell out of there. (It was in Angola back then when it was a Portuguese colony). He was a mean sob though but not the whining type, these footballers are just toddlers on the pitch who make too much money.

  41. Vrow says

    Ronaldo is good, good for diving Jhajahajaha

  42. Lebogang Seleleko says

    "Is that Ronaldo? Isn't he meant to be good?"

  43. I'm M T says

    "oh dear, both wankers go down like a coupld of sacks of shit"
    Lost it there hahahhaa

  44. Simgen x says

    Disqualify anyone who does this for a year and on repeat for life. Cheaters ruin a game.

  45. devang shukla says

    I have never watched football matches before but…….. y'all know about……….sportsmanship?

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