Ozzy Osbourne Gives An Update On His Health, Kelly Osbourne Goes Off On Troll Claiming Ozzy Is Sick


Ozzy Osbourne offers an update on his health, responds to concerts after the pandemic, and his daughter Kelly Osbourne shares an obnoxious comment she got from a troll online about her father.

0:00 Intro
0:34 Kelly Osbourne vs. Troll
02:41 Adam Gontier Sobriety
06:02 BMTH/Yungblud
06:56 Ozzy Health Update
10:00 New Music I Like

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  1. Atticus Stephenson says

    Lol Cale Gontier is Adams cousin, not brother

  2. Sudarshan Nambiar says

    ‘Am living on Borrowed Time’ – Ozzy to Henry Rollins !!!!!!

  3. HaXaW says

    Indoor or outdoor, you're still shoulder to shoulder and someone;s screaming over your back.So what does it matter?

  4. HaXaW says

    Getting clean a'int easy, but it;s worth it.

  5. Night fall says

    Hope for the best for Ozzy

  6. Attack the Radical says

    I'm ready for the new GOJIRA to come on through!!

  7. Lv4music aka IndieBear says

    If people think that, it will happen. ?

  8. Paul Trimble says

    OZ: BRING ME THE HATERS. The great and powerful OZ has spoken

  9. Anthony Dalicandro says

    His daughter is completely overrated. Love Ozzy

  10. Paul Trimble says

    And oz rules f the haters

  11. Paul Trimble says

    It sucks when some dumb a$$ talks about your family or friends. Just take it down and don’t respond is best response. Most of them wants a verbal confrontation shows there ignorance

  12. Black hand of Death says

    They show Ozzy then go to a beer ad. Not cool

  13. Black hand of Death says

    Ozzy played a big part in my life and still does weather it be with Black Sabbath or Himself…The dude is a genius along with Sharon. ..I wouldn't care if one day he spoke out and sided with BLM movement. …Ozzy is A music god……respect.

  14. Megan is a gamer says

    Ozzy we can understand you??❤️?. See Brian told ya unfortunately not everyone wishes people well?

  15. mush room says

    Kudos to adam. Good story ?

  16. mush room says

    In her own mind not her own right lol

  17. Philly Trucker says

    Glad to see Ozzy is doing better

  18. vivaldi -ett says

    All hail the Osbourn’s and don’t mess with them and God Bless them all I personally would love to wish him all the very best of health we couldn’t imagine a world without him ????????????✝️?

  19. Vic Fame says

    say goodbye to the concerts altogether guys, unfortunately, the world is going to the shitter

  20. Keith Ehredt says

    Thank you for coming ozzy

  21. Brooklyn 716 says

    I hope Ozzy is ok. I hate to see anyone in pain. I wish I could have seen him in concert but I'd rather see him feeling good if that's at all possible. Love your positive vibes/attitude in all of your videos. Keeps me coming back. Thanks for your hard work. It's much appreciated ????

  22. I am Heffy says

    This vid means EVERYTHING TO ME

  23. I am Heffy says

    Hit the Rock Bell everyone!This viddy though. Holy shit.

  24. nivermore13 says

    People suck that do crap like that…how dare they do that to the ’Prince of Darkness’?

  25. Christopher Smith says

    Rock feed is the shit

  26. The ABacross says

    sorry Kelly Osbourne isn't that nice… she kinda racist tho.

  27. Zayne Bonshire says

    I’m excited for season 5 on cod modern warfare, I wonder what the 2 new characters are gonna be

  28. erik olsen says

    I'll got to bat for ozzy any day

  29. erik olsen says

    Ozzy forever

  30. N҉I҉C҉K҉Y҉ S҉L҉A҉M҉ says

    I'd would love to marry Kelly Osbourne lol

  31. Im A Lifetime SOLDIER says

    The Whole World… ?… Needs To Experience… A Lil OZZMOSIS…

  32. Im A Lifetime SOLDIER says


  33. Dominik Weber says

    But what does corey taylor think about this?

  34. Dominik Weber says

    Ozzy man should react to ozzy osbourne that would be so epic

  35. davewmusic says

    Ozzy ain't lookin to good.. and he's hidden his illness for years..

  36. Shawn Shotaholic says

    singing is one thing, but honestly…that was the clearest I have ever heard the Oz-Man speak!

  37. Matthew Mykonos says

    My son being born got me to pull my head out of my ass too. Been clean 10 years this September. Life's great when you realize what's important & my life has improved so much since I got sober.

  38. Nasu San says

    Fool. That dude doesn't realize that ozzy is cursed with immortality

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