Painful Blindfolded Soccer Dodgeball!!


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  1. Team Edge says

    Hey guys! What is your favorite soccer team? Do you think you can play blindfolded? Let us know down below! Check out the Mystery SLIME Bucket Dump Challenge!!

  2. Elisabeth Huffman says

    your boring Joey.

  3. Liam O'Connor says

    Kevin literally cheated the whole time

  4. Liam O'Connor says

    Bobby got so salty lol

  5. Zxch says

    Since when was Joey German

  6. karen white says

    Joey soccer is pretty boring to watch but it’s fun to play

  7. lauren irene says

    It’s 1:30 in the morning and I’m dying from laughter

  8. Gwen Devine says

    Is my favorite video out of all the videos from team edge

  9. Liam O'Connor says

    Kevin is such a cheater

  10. Axel Lucielle says

    Punish the cheaters for F**k's sake!!!!Team Edge:*encouraging young viewers to cheat*Bryan:Hey cheater!!*cheated earlier*Joey:I love to cheat!

  11. nikolajgames says

    Speakint italian alto alto alto

  12. Christopher Vick says

    Joey got one thing right: soccer is boring.

  13. Danny Saldivar says

    Is it just me who is confused how sushi burrito is a soccer team ?

  14. horsegirl2794 slime says

    i play soccer and i for one do not think it is boring

  15. Angel Sanchez says

    Soccer is the best sport

  16. TH3 GR8 LION says

    4:11 Haters Will Say Its Fake ??

  17. Mbravo 10 says

    Brian: You started a riot!!2020:Write that down!!!

  18. Shan Patel says

    How about India can u do that plez

  19. Basil El Soury says

    He roasted soccer because football is obviously better

  20. Fighter Coyote says

    Where your acting from it’s actually pronounced football I mean I am American and I call it football plus it my favorite sport it is the best ever

  21. Alexis Viens says

    Joey: I dont watch soccer cause its BORING!!Me unsubscribing

  22. Chaltu Abdi says

    Through it

  23. Its Camila10 says

    Bryan said that they can assume Joey's cheating when Bryan's the one that cheats

  24. Kendrick Tiong says

    Joey: I don't watch soccer because it is BORING!!!"WW3 starts"

  25. Anton Roman says

    3:04 ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  26. Matthew Hodgins says

    At first I thought Bobby was a ref

  27. Rizin Sony says

    U suk Joey I gonna unsubscribe

  28. Samantha Winter says

    When joey said I don't watch football because it is boring my face went red. Football is the best sport

  29. Samantha Winter says

    It's football

  30. Franklin Webb says

    kevin looks like he's on the way to just break down and HE-HE

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