Paladins – Beat Mania (Remix Music) [New]


NOTE: Re-uploaded due to Remix Strix Music not being rendered so fixed the audio issue.

Paladins – Beat Mania(Remix Jenos Music + Remix Seris Music + Remix Strix Music)

Paladins – Beat Mania (Remix Music):
Paladins – Remix Jenos Music:
Paladins – Remix Seris Music:
Paladins – Remix Strix Music:

Paladins 1.8 Update Note:
Paladins Battle Pass 3:

Remix Jenos Artwork:
Remix Seris Artwork:
Remix Strix Artwork:

Remix Jenos Music:
Remix Seris Music:
Remix Strix Music:

Skye’s Visual Rework:


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  1. Bidhan Tandukar says

    NOTE: Re-uploaded due to Remix Strix Music not being rendered so fixed the audio issue.

  2. Enes Özbek says


  3. Olenka Moreno says

    Con maeve y strix juntos plsss

  4. Just OfBlades says

    what video editor did you use? pls i need it

  5. Wosukami [WK] says

    Remix Pepper?

  6. Fejulary Sundae says

    I also tried with a Remix Pepper version out of it.

  7. Roderick Legend says

    where is pepper song Dx

  8. Darkcoreplaya says

    Raeve is dead.

  9. Svetoslav Marinov says

    no remix pip ?

  10. SomeDude96 says


  11. Cakkuu says

    Seris' is so quiet omgFits her entire theme as an oracle of the abyss tho, she's not someone who'd stick out, just provide the background melody and all that. Her track alone is quiet and more trance than actual dubstep but she still adds to the mashed song nicely even if it's not that noticable idk i just love her so much

  12. Federico Aguilera says


  13. Turtle Rhythm says

    No pepper?

  14. St1lysh says

    omg this is exactly what I was looking for, and I really hoped that hi rez made 4 new music skins because when you combine all 5, to hear a different music, like in lobby waiting for all tho choose a champion, when the team is: Raeve, Remix seris, Jenos, Strix and Pepper, there is something glowing then a special music stars and I would be different from that, like way better than those, this is just my ideaalso if not this, I also thought if you combine all 5 or without Raeve because that s different, even tho they resized Raeve's music to a shorter one, those 4 combined to complete each other like a puzzle piece, and to sound very good, this Mania you made here is also pretty good, but would you mind to combine it with Pepper music pack?



  16. Tenebris says

    In live game servers whe patch will be.I want to buy it now

  17. WindTo Wind says

    wait so this is all 3 sounds from skins combined together?lol nice….XD

  18. Tenebris says

    I`m waiting for new 825 crystals are ready.And it will be full pack of skins with musicOlds here,who bought Raeve Maeve in VIP Shop?

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