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Keep your travel dreams alive with this clip from Rick Steves’ Europe! Watch the full episode: Experience the decadence of Paris’ belle époque (“beautiful age”) at sights like the Opéra Garnier and the Jacquemart-André Museum. More info about travel to France:

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Rick Steves, America’s most respected authority on European travel, writes European travel guidebooks, and hosts travel shows on public television and public radio.

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  1. Robert Mierzwa says

    Bardzo piękny pałac

  2. Richard says

    Professional Review…Subscribed

  3. Tanya Hanna says

    Rick Steve's Europe prescription..the brothers Grimm…?????

  4. Nguyễn Linh says


  5. Wayside Wade says

    Check out that Deluxe bathroom, incredible.

  6. Abbas Nowshad says

    Please send the checklist while you film, edit, narrate..

  7. Carlo B says

    The lady in red! ?

  8. TheTraveler says

    Thank you Rick. You have no idea how much your videos opened up my eyes

  9. Suvichai Vibulsuk says

    Thanks so much for the VDOs, Rick. You are awesome.

  10. longbeardchomu says

    Thank you Rick but no more traveling for next few months

  11. Yann Lee says


  12. Johnny Blaze says

    I knew Belle Epoque from AC Unity…lol

  13. Tu Le says

    Khi moi can ho la 1 tui khi Viec con lai chi la sx khi ngay trong no de day ra nhung khe ho con lai

  14. Amish Trucker says

    Glad to hear you’re doing ok. Prayers to Seattle in the coming weeks

  15. Joanie Adams says

    Steves and Rosendo both hoaky embarassing simplistic dorks!

  16. I Kirsanov says

    Great video! Very interesting to listen to you! Thank you for sharing this !

  17. 劉濟安 says

    safe und sound??????

  18. Aftab Ahmed says

    Pakeria she is beautiful

  19. olhemi1 says


  20. Ms. Imaginary says

    Your shows pulled me thru in the past I'm gonna use them to help me thru this. Our world is in trouble. ?✈?

  21. Dave T says

    What locations are included in the new Fall 2020 season 11?

  22. Professor McClaine says

    The past looks wonderful BCV.

  23. SKPjoe Coursegold says

    i'd live there.

  24. Aamis Colour World says

    Beautiful work ?

  25. Lourdes Yanes says

    BELLO ????me encanto el video

  26. Л. М. says

    Из России с любовью! Здоровья всем!

  27. Mohd Fahmi Bin Mansor says

    thank you for uploading this today..many of us are so pained not being able to travel nowadays..lets pray for all of this to soon be over and the patients get well..

  28. Elizabeth Long says


  29. Elizabeth Long says

    ..thank you◦༄◦°˚°◦.¸¸彡彡

  30. Miraj Walk Vlog says

    Wow so beautiful place

  31. Exploring Time says

    Doing good job ? Rick….

  32. jake jackobson says

    MR rick Stay Safe!

  33. Joseph Clark says

    I miss the longer episodes!!!! PLEASE bring them back and continue introducing us to the pure magic that is EUROPE!

  34. techlover says

    You have a great job, Rick! Never need a holiday or break.??

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