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Our Paris travel guide! We kick of Season 2 with our guide to Paris, a fantastic city with incredible food, architecture, culture and more. We can share our favourite tips, tricks, eats and drinks for your next visit to Paris! For the best flights to Paris, check out Hipmunk!

Where we stayed – Mandarin Oriental Paris

Apps we mention:
Uber –
Le Cab –

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  2. chill life rotterdam says

    Amazing video I've learned a lot from your video

  3. heather says

    Your so right

  4. Eynat says

    I wish I discovered your video before my trip to Paris. You are right, Parisians are friendly. I'm a New Yorker who's lived in many cities and I understand why someone from a small town would find Parisians off putting, but they simply don't have the time to chat with you like your local clerk in a grocery store. Parisians are very nice and helpful. No need to fear them.

  5. Fred Thompson says

    Love the channel! Very informative. Looking forward to some Post-Covid content ?

  6. SpangeBab says

    4:07 "Clean, safe, efficient and cheap"I'd agree for the last two. However, the first two aren't quite true any longer. It all changed after the refugee crisis

  7. MarcusFilms says

    Navigo pass is really the best!

  8. Tom Barber says

    Most disappointing City I've ever been to, but I'm ready to give it another shot! Thanks for the great guide

  9. Martin Kent says

    One of the world's most popular tourist destinations! Historically, Paris has always had a top heavy government, which allows the citizens and visitors to ignore their duties and responsibilities. This results in traffic terror. When in Paris, don't act like a Parisian. It's bad taste to add to Paris's nightmare traffic. If Paris's residents and visitors ever accept their responsibilities, the world would smile, knowing that Paris's streets, civil service, communities and adults, finally became law-abiding, ethical and conscientious. Imagine! After two millennium!! WOWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Noah Bowie says

    I call myself tight. That's why I don't tip.

  11. Mister Evans says

    That's make since!

  12. W Kitchen & Travel says

    thankyou, visit my channel too => review about hotel in Paris :


    love paris

  14. Nestor Castro says

    One of the most honest and informative travel video I've ever watched!

  15. Rene Perez says


  16. corisco tupi says

    11:37 – As for shopping, do NOT get your hopes too high of ever benefiting from the "détaxe" (tax refund) supposedly available for tourists. The system is grossly bureaucratic, you have to collect paperwork and information that must necessarily be passed to a clerk at the airport moments before you board your flight back home, and you will only be refunded in cash if you purchases were made in cash. If you bought anything with your credit card, yo'll supposedly be refunded to your credit card account with de amount due. So far, after a few trips to France, I had NEVER had this actually happen. It seems to be a system designed to have an PR impact with tourists, no to actually work. This has been my experience, YMMV.

  17. bingboyify says

    craving the food in paris!!!

  18. Alfonso Martinez says

    "OMG paper tickets my life is horrible" **First world problems**

  19. Ellena Hoffman says

    I love your channel, most especially the little injections of wit, humor and sarcasm found in every episode! Discussing tipping and exchange rates is so helpful, too. Keep the videos coming and don't hesitate to do more than one per city.

  20. Matt says

    Best advice if you want to visit paris… don't

  21. Bev Carr says

    Beautiful city!!! Definitely adding it to my travel list!!???? I’m from NY,& it’s true what u said…sorta. We ARE rude!! It’s so dense & tourists are annoying..Busy” is a better way to put it tho lmaoThose croissants made me hungry ???

  22. AkumuNyaaa02 says

    This is what happens:

  23. Dũng Chu says

    i am very bad english .i can speaking english video. i like video

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