Park To Prem FM20 | Episode 1 – Tier 10 Job Hunt | Football Manager 2020


Time to start a new Football Manager 2020 lower league adventure. Tier 10 FM20 database, starting unemployed, going from the depths of Non-League all the way to the top.
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Parks To Prem FM20 | Episode 1 – Tier 10 Job Hunting | Football Manager 2020
Parks To Prem FM20 | Episode 1 – Tier 10 Job Hunting | Football Manager 2020
Parks To Prem FM20 | Episode 1 – Tier 10 Job Hunting | Football Manager 2020

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  1. Mats Tufte Moldskred says

    I have been waiting for a lower league to higher league save for so long now! Finally you do it 😀 Thanks!

  2. XoQ says

    mate that cheddar badge is sponge bob after rehab

  3. Jordan Duncan says

    Do a South Shields fc career mode they are in the 7th tier in English football

  4. b3noitgsy says

    how to apply tier 10 pack?

  5. Anton Jbapz says

    Ferguson nickname- baby fergie?

  6. Shaun Bryan says

    how do you get that file to open? ive downloaded the tier 10 file but for some reason its saying windows doesnt have a program to open it

  7. Joca 1970 says

    if someone knows cracked version of fm20 pls tell

  8. Mark Yates says

    New to your subscription but enjoyed this a lot! I recently lived in Cornwall and would go to Falmouth for a night out a couple of times so wanted you there, but happy to Tow the line…

  9. Ring Rust says

    RB Leipzig? Red Bull Salzburg? No.Cadbury Athletic? Yes

  10. Gazdadude2017 says

    Can I ask what your game setup is in terms of additional players

  11. jack wilson says

    Fleet spurs

  12. T0bz - 211 says

    I just came back to see how he picked Tow Law Town

  13. Joshua K says

    love that you picked Tow Law. That league is my local village teams league!

  14. Joshua K says

    also its pronounced Tow, as in brow

  15. Dean Williams says

    Fuck me, that's a hell of a lot of teams! Obvious I suppose when it's down in tier 10 but still

  16. Chris Frith says

    Think you may have missed a hidden gem here! I'm just about to start my lower league journey with Maine Road FC! Why? They were formed by Manchester City fans, play just 5 miles from The Etihad Stadium and just 3 miles from Old Trafford, their badge shares many similarities with City's old and current crests and imagine the poaching you could do of Manchester's released talents!

  17. Chris McF says

    What sort of system do you run to be able to gave so many leagues running?

  18. Damien Blake says

    Hi Jack, Just want to say thank you for your content especially these lower league saves. I know I'm not alone when I say how much we all enjoy these.. especially with all the self isolation and life peculiar circumstances we're all experiencing.

  19. Devikiran Pai says

    How do you get all pl teams with their badges and players/managers with photos?

  20. Ethan Richards says

    5:32 big up cornwall

  21. Tim Johnson says

    Hey how do I get the top banner with the scores displayed for each team? At the moment its just really small on the left side of the match screen.

  22. gazzbott 2point0 says

    As someone who lives in Falmouth i was hoping you'd take them 😀

  23. Sam Taylor says

    You talk way too much in your videos. Half of the video or more is you talking crazy amounts and little is you actually showing games.

  24. Ash Ferreira says

    What skin is this

  25. Snowman says

    This is why I sub'd to Jack back in the day. So good 😀

  26. david bradley says

    how do i open the fmf file

  27. Thomas Shuttleworth says

    Hi JackJust wanted to say I came from the Q&A you recently had with Dr BenjyFM, I subscribed to you a long time along a somewhat forgot (Sorry for that) and I am looking forward to catching up on this series now. Hope to see you in Ben's corner again in the next showdown.SeasiderTOM

  28. Ilari Kousa says

    I downloaded the one from fmscout with tier 20, but does this one have real players for all teams?

  29. Tshepo Kgosidialwa says

    that Whitchurch badge looks like the KKK

  30. Dave Encounters says

    You say attribute wrong

  31. Logan Zane says

    To think…now Tow Law's home kit is sponsored by WorkTheSpace. 🙂

  32. Chris Leyland says

    How do you get your skin like that? Also the stadium images? They look awesome compared to mine!!

  33. [sic] says

    Tow Law Manager: £85 p/wUnemployment Benefit: £94 p/w xDMinimum wage in the UK 2020: £8.72 p/hWhich means my man is legally limited to working less than 10 hours per week. xD

  34. Pragalbha Nepal says

    I predict that you'll win PL soon


    Hi. New to FM. Watching this park to prem is currently occupying my time off and i think its an addiction i want in my life!! Purchasing a laptop for this would a Huawei matebook 13 or 14 be ok?

  36. BappleHD says

    Big up redcar athletic

  37. Claire Rodriguez says

    Didn't even know the game went that low. Late but excited for this

  38. Chris Ivie says

    mates come on whatsapp with the shirt on, im starting from episode 1, lets get this park to prem story going.

  39. bob larry says

    I swore he was going to say spongebob over the nickoles cage

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