Park To Prem FM20 | Tow Law Town #188 – UCL Q.FINAL | Football Manager 2020


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Park To Prem FM20 | Tow Law Town #188 – UCL Q.FINAL | Football Manager 2020
Park To Prem FM20 | Tow Law Town #188 – UCL Q.FINAL | Football Manager 2020
Park To Prem FM20 | Tow Law Town #188 – UCL Q.FINAL | Football Manager 2020

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  1. Lewis Brown says

    “Certain other pressing forwards” we want turnbull!

  2. Tu vieja says

    me robaron el riñon

  3. Alex Kangaroo says

    I think the system change worked magic. You got a message from the assistant manager that United wingers were given too much space. They overloaded your Wing Back. 4-4-2 was great because they no longer could dominate the wide areas.

  4. James Martindale says

    A Tow Law shirt with Shvetsov on the back! The greatest cult FM shirt of all time!

  5. Joseph Chambers says

    Happy Birthday dude! Theres never any worry about taking days off from making videos, love the series!

  6. Edward Blackwell says

    Happy belated birthday Jack

  7. nigefal says

    NIce to see Jack play 'match play' type fm20 for a change . When there is big games I always look to see which formation a side last drew or lost against. Matching formations is a good idea as well to make it a dog fight.

  8. Nathan Wilkinson says

    Birthday was a couple of days ago? Happy birthday Jack sounds like you share a birthday with me potentially (21st)

  9. Fred lol says

    formation change was definitely needed, the other system was obviously not doing well v man united

  10. demonelephant says

    Steve Norman has 9 league goals and 9 league assists, so wouldn't really have been worth signing sekyere for 200 mil when you already have Norman! 🙂

  11. Carlos Cifuentes says

    I almost had a heart attack watching sekyere almost score in tje last minute

  12. demonelephant says

    Ayyy happy birthday Jack!!!

  13. James Banyard says

    I felt genuinely nervous watching that second half. Drew some startled looks from the wife when I shouted “don’t you dare Sekyere” towards the end

  14. Malik Nielsen says

    Happy birthday.In Greenlandic: Inuuinni pilluarit

  15. MCSEMan23 says

    Happy belated birthday, Jack. Here's hoping for a treble.

  16. rossi1990 says

    Won’t know what to do with myself once these daily uploads stop ??

  17. David Hale says

    No Coventry, my club, could have done the double over Tow Law this season.

  18. Leis Korp says

    A belated happy birthday, Jack. Lampard to take over at Tow Law?

  19. Joseph Banks says

    Have our under 23s won there 5th leasing .com trophy in a row jack?

  20. Joe Ellis says

    Happy Birthday Jack

  21. Tomisin Jegede says

    Happy Birthday Jack!! Hope you had a good day mate

  22. Alvin Wong Wei Ye says

    Happy belated birthday jack !!

  23. CRO RasQee says

    My birthday is today.LFC lifting the BPL trophy is good enough gift for me. Anything else I get is just bonus.

  24. hussai62 says

    8:04 he what? ?

  25. Blank Frost says

    Never apologize for not uploading because of your birthday, it would be incredible selfish of us to expect you to work on that day.

  26. bookerjam says

    HB Jack! Smart move to change the formation there and kill the game. Otherwise it's an inevitable 1-0 United win. That had "being FM'd" all over it, without the tactical switch! Just wondering if there is a specific reason why you tend to use wingbacks instead of fullbacks on attack/support?

  27. Jake Marmot says

    loved this series so much, haven't missed an episode thanks jack! have you thought about switching Kaiser and Gautier round? Gautier seems so suited the more defensive playmaker role, just a thought. happy birthday for the other day 🙂

  28. Dragan Pajević says

    I think that you should play a little bit more longer, at least until you become longest serving manager.P.S. Happy birthday Jack!

  29. Ben Wilkins says

    Can't believe how buzzed I am after a 0-0 draw! Happy belated birthday Jack

  30. xpatriotkiwi says

    Just signed a Striker called Henri Kumwenda from Boreham Wood, he is X Leeds Player in my South Park save 😀

  31. ani kalra says

    Update the trophy 🙂

  32. Scratch Manuttz says

    belated happy birthday, good ser.

  33. HNLAUN32 says

    Hey Jack, does Andrew Erik still have the best avg player rating in the Bundesliga?

  34. Ace Hole says

    With that formation, I drop the DM back into Defence, it really does help tighten up the back line and not drop anything going forward (use them as BPD or occasionally a Libero)

  35. adamginger32 says

    So what's everyone got for lunch then boys ?

  36. Tomyyx x says

    where can i download your tactics please

  37. Luke Thomson says

    Imagine when you sim into the future Zidane becomes Tow Law Manager

  38. Will McKinney says

    "they put no-one on the near post" says Jack after Shvetsov out jumps 3 defenders?

  39. Remeo King says

    Happy birthday for a few days ago

  40. Andrew Paris says

    Last time I was this early Jack guaranteed had a ginger left back

  41. Fred Gonçalves says


  42. harry pascoe says


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