Park To Prem FM21 | Boston United #2 – Goodbye John | Football Manager 2021


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Welcome back to Park to Prem, starting unemployed we’re aiming to go from the depths of Non-League all the way to the top in Football Manager 2021!

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Park To Prem FM21 | Boston United #2 – Needing Wins | Football Manager 2021
Park To Prem FM21 | Boston United #2 – Needing Wins | Football Manager 2021
Park To Prem FM21 | Boston United #2 – Needing Wins | Football Manager 2021

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  1. Reim Dneir says

    This is going to get better and better

  2. Craig Oconnor says

    Ross fitzemans got sent off for notts county for kicking a player

  3. David Wikeley says

    Hey John, YOU’RE FIRED!!

  4. Dan Reviews. says

    Just subscribed mate I’m going to get it on me Xbox when it comes out and I always start as Boston utd

  5. BVM Whelo says

    Just told John the news, he seemed pretty upset by it but he said he understands.

  6. Fallatics says

    Boston don't have any stands but they have a cinema size tv screen in each corner…

  7. Lurip says

    Me, who is called John 'reads title'

  8. Andrew Wilson says

    Rollins is pronounced RAWllins

  9. Joseph Banks says

    Hate Scott duxbury the back stabbing insert message

  10. Toustik_ says

    loving this

  11. Elshanko says

    hey mate, love the series already, what program do you use to do your intro? as it is an amazing intro / title video

  12. Mike Raymond says

    Jack I expect you to say taw law and not Boston

  13. Iain Kennell-Webb says

    Great to have Park to Prem back, really enjoyed Tow Law and excited for Boston and Beyond now!

  14. blah blah says

    dont want to pressure you into keeping him but i may know john mcdermot through family friends

  15. david c says

    Can u explain the XG please. It shows who’s had the better game but what does it mean?

  16. Stretford End Gaz says

    Burrows, Shiels & Gibbens, Duxbury are my 4 star men they all put in massive perfomances… burrow in my 2nd season is currently on 7 goals in 4 games.

  17. gamerboy 125 says

    Haters gonna hate but that stadium is beautiful. Look at the ground. Classic architecture 👌

  18. Shua85 says

    Connor 'Cinco' DiMaio, surely…

  19. Svante Thorn says

    Great vid. In my save I signed Spyrou for York and he scored 43 league goals in VNL. Great signing!

  20. AwayDays says

    CarPark To Prem!

  21. Custard's OK says

    I loved Paul Green at my beloved Leeds during the dark days of League One. Shocked he’s still playing but the man will always be sound in my book!

  22. Chris Cutler says

    Christian Norton
    Alassane Meite
    Both strikers scored 20+ to win vanarama South for Hemel Hempstead

  23. Steve P says

    Hi Jack, I have this F for John, can you pass it on for me?

  24. Matt Arnold says

    If you want to know what Ross Fitzsimons is like, search for his red card for Notts County….

  25. ASAKTI says

    Harry Brockbank's really good. In FM20, I managed Internacional Madrid and he was part of my squad from the third tier of Spanish football to la liga.

  26. Mojo 13 says

    This bad boy could fit so many gazebo's in it

  27. suttonexplorer says

    Thewlis? More like foolish after that shot

  28. TheGreyCan says

    This is just great, love the vids.

  29. Ball Winning Midfielder says

    You’ve missed out on Spyrou big time. I’ve got him in my Wealdstone save and he’s ripping everyone apart

  30. ReggaeBoy Gaming says

    caught up smashed out all episodes in one.. great start

  31. Luwi Chiwala says

    Love this channel 😍

  32. Twisted Muppet says

    Its pronounced Spirou

  33. JF says

    you've been working on your what is going on guys lol, sound like killer keemstar leeeetttss get roiiiigghhttt

  34. Yash Ghate says

    How many times do you have to re-take the intro because you said "here with Tow Law Town"? 🙁

  35. James C Brownie Brown says

    Burrow was our top scorer last year at York City, don't know why we let him go.

  36. Fathi Jabarin says

    Have been watching your vids since 2018
    Keep going Jack, a fan from 🇵🇸 Palestine

  37. shokuwarrior says

    Discovered this series this morning and instantly subbed, absolutely brilliant!

  38. Vittorio Pirra says

    for those of us who were not born in england… what's a "wassack" ? I get the general idea but does it have a specific meaning? it sounds nice

  39. Bran7RKO says

    Brilliant video bud. Just watching you play really does help me learn a lot. Keep up the great work 👌

  40. BostonUnitedFM says

    Tom Splatt

  41. Tristen Berger says

    Loving the series so far!

  42. Luke Kelly says

    I’m new to the game, first year buying it, played the beta for awhile but a bug started to make it unplayable. basically the screen wasn’t fitting inside my laptop screen. The mouse was not calibrating. As I said it’s unplayable and it’s a shame becuase I’ve been looking forward to playing this game. None of the solutions online work that I’ve tried. Anyone else have this issue or does anyone have any ideas on hot to fix it?

  43. Robert Platt says

    Good to see my brother score an 80th minute screamer

  44. Sudhanshu Meshram says

    Hi Jack! Loving the series again! I hope you've seen the new face pack Zealand and other modders from the FM community have worked on and it looks amazing! Will you be using it for this or any other future saves?

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