1. S D P Stan D. Parker says

    imagine 2020 Core i12 Pletheron x86 MOBO yes x86 MOBO's NOT <<< Not x86 PC's!

  2. S D P Stan D. Parker says

    really great to watch this, Your a professor at rudementary EXACT Operations ( This is the way I learned the old school PROPER Way, You would shit royal bricks to see how guys take apart and put together PC's the new age new school Way, It's shocking but they follow about 1 of 30 of your tips here!!! Thank God For Professor VideozZz Like These TIMELESS One's Peace N LOVE Man, YOU ROCK & ROLL All Night & Party Evereeee DAY! WTGO.

  3. S D P Stan D. Parker says

    omg what a dinosaur compared to core i7 x58 mar.2012 lol but as the years go on they will be saying to me LOL that comment is a dinosaur compared to 2020 mar. NOW with Core i12 Pletheron x86 mobo's HAHA

  4. LeifGWPlaton says

    great! im thinking of modifying my computer (Dell Dimension 8300) and this info is great! where can i buy that tool set and what is it called?

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